Customer Relations Analysis: Micro Beef Technologies

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Customer Relations Analysis
When I found out about this project we would have to do I immediately thought of my uncle Jason Douglas who works for Micro Beef technologies. Jason has been in the business going on almost twenty years and has a great relationship with numerous vets and cow/calf stocker operations because of his time in the industry. Micro Beef Technologies which is owned by MWI veterinary supplies is the largest distubutor of veterinary pharmisuticles. Threw out the day I was informed that MWI’s parent company which is AmerisourceBergen is a largest human pharmaceutical distributor company for hospitals and pharmacies all over the United States.
During our afternoon spent together I listened to calls which helped me understand
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I noticed that these customers where very trusting in my uncles opinions and where willing to listen if he thought he had a better idea to handle a certain situation. When I asked Jason what his advice to someone entering the business his response was “Do not think about your goals when going in to make a sell think about theirs. If you can assist them making their business successful that then makes you a demand.” Threw out the day I learned more about what exactly it is my uncle does. When I asked him what his job title was his response of “Territory manger” caught me off guard. Jason proceeded to tell me about what that meant and that he is not exactly a sales man but yet he kind of is. “Sales generates my income, but I spend most of my time consulting using revenue from his sales to concatenate the services I provide.” This to me was a very eye opening experience. He wasn’t the sales representative that I had seen in class on the movie Second hand lions, yet he is someone who works with potential customers and previous customers hands on to demonstrate many things. Jason has worked with vets and operators demonstrating castrations, treating foot rot, and asset vets in euthanizing …show more content…
Don’t get me wrong Jason manages his time so that he is still able to have a personal life and able to be with his family, but when something is urgent he is always willing to do his job. We made a visit in Hinton to talk to Jeff Wiedemann. Jason and Jeff have built a friendly relationship over the years. When we arrived you could tell that this visit was going to be very laid back and relaxed as we talked about Jeff’s situation. Jeff was needing to feed CTC which is an antibiotic used in feed. He was wanting to set off a set of steers who were beginning to get sick. Jason was able to help Jeff derive the proper dosage rates that was needing to be fed to the steers. In these types of situations Jason is able to demonstrate and give Jeff his personal opinion on making sure that this is what was needed to be done. By helping Jeff’s business Jason is setting up a long term relationship that is going to help his business be successful

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