Analysis Of Jason Cooper's The Nurse Advocate

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Health cares just trying to make profit. As a child we are told do something in life that makes you happy, if not you will be miserable your whole life. As a student planning on going in to the medical field I know I have a love for helping others. For me the job isn’t about the money, it's about the ability to help those are unable to do it themselves. I realize from these two articles that not everyone has the goal of helping others, but instead they are just wanting to make a profit for themselves. In Jason Cooper's video “The Nurse Advocate” we see Jason a man with 16 years in the medical field give us some insight on the medical field that isn’t something everyone is aware of. Something that really makes this video solid is the fact …show more content…
He gives us a real life event of something he witnessed while working at a hospital. He also addresses the limitations he had to face while being a nurse, and communicating to the patients about their diagnosis. The story starts out with a man that was at the whopping weight of 555 pounds. His family was all obese, and so when he came into the doctors they told him it was caused by genetics, and he believed them. His legs were so large they swole often because his lymph nodes were blocked. The physician ordered him to come in, and when he did they wrapped his legs which ultimately does nothing to cure the problem. What the patient thought was going to help actually helped lead to his downfall. The wrap forced retrograde lymph into his heart causing congestive heart failure. One thing after another happens until the point where the young man is on his deathbed. His family are supposed to be meeting with the doctors to have a talk about everything that has happened. Doctors never show to the meeting, and instead Jason is the only person there to answer questions which is not in his jurisdiction to answer. He ends up telling his family that his condition is not caused by genetics but by the lifestyle he was living. The family was honestly angry about the answer they received. Turns out the man had a brother who wasn't close to the family anymore because he went on his own

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