A Mistake Or Medical Malpractice Analysis

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In providing healthcare, there is a thin line between making an innocent mistake and changing a life forever. Regardless of the amount of experience a provider has, even the slightest oversight could potentially result in a deadly consequence. For most healthcare providers, the mere thought of an unintentional medical mistake resulting in a medical malpractice litigation triggers a state of anxiety. In the article, A Mistake or Medical Malpractice?, Ms. Latner highlights this concern by describing an actual occurrence involving a medical mistake, the response to the mistake, and the resulting outcome (Latner, 2014). As healthcare professionals, we have an ethical and professional duty to uphold with all members of society. We should demonstrate accountability for our actions even when our actions result in adverse outcomes (Renkema, Broekhuis, & Ahaus, 2014). In the hopeful event that no injury is caused to the involved patient, malpractice incidents still result in financial burdens to the facility in ways of extended …show more content…
Nurses have an inherent sense of impacting outcomes and inspiring others. Nurses comprise the nation’s largest healthcare profession (AACN 2016). The influences of nurses are felt from Capitol Hill all the way down to the Alabama Board of Nursing as evidenced by the passage of the Nurse Reinvestment Act and the Alabama Board of Nursing loan repayment program. The advanced practice nurse can serve as a mentor for other midlevel providers by exemplifying excellence in treating patients by minimizing errors and staying abreast of the latest medical information. When APRNs are informed of the current treatment modalities, they are able to provide the best possible service to their patients effecting positive outcomes and apprising about optimal health. Just as Florence Nightingale was a beacon in the 1900s, today’s advanced practice nurse can lead the way in reducing malpractice

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