Bald Eagle Research Paper

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Image yourself lying on the grass watching the sky when all of a sudden you see a hawk. As you watch the hawk, it starts to circle around. Then it dives! As the hawk ascends, you see that it caught a mouse. This bird along with many others are called birds of prey. Eagles, hawks, and falcons are three species of the numerous kinds of birds of prey. One kind of eagle is the bald eagle. The bald eagle is from the genus Haliaetus leucocephalus. The bald eagle's head, neck, and tail are white, and its body is dark brown. Its size is 30-43 inches tall, and its wingspan is 7-8 feet in length. The bald eagle usually lives around coasts, rivers, and mountains. It ranges from Alaska, Canada, to the south of the United States. It eats fish and carrion that animals have already killed. The bald eagle is the United States' national bird. Another species of eagle is …show more content…
The scientific name of the prairie falcon is Falco mexicanus. The prairie falcon's body color is brown to sepia. The prairie falcon is 17 inches tall and its wingspan is 36-40 inches length.The prairie falcon lives in open country and it ranges from southwest Canada, west United States, to south Mexico. Its food mainly consists of medium size birds. The third kind of falcon is the gyrfalcon. The scientific name of the gyrfalcon is Falco rusticotus. Its color is gray to light brown. The gyrfalcon grows to be 20-25 inches in height and its wingspan is 49-63 inches in length making it the largest falcon species. The gyrfalcon lives in arctic barrens and seacoasts. It ranges in arctic regions and circumpolar. The gyrfalcon feasts on mice and rats. Birds of prey like eagles, hawks, and falcons are fascinating types of birds. Each bird has its own unique characteristics, but are also similar to one another. So the next time you are looking up at the sky, and see a large bird circling and diving, it just may be one of the many different kinds of birds of

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