Drug paraphernalia

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  • Essay On Drug Paraphernalia

    Drug Paraphernalia Florida Statute 893.145 The Fort Lauderdale Defense Lawyer Bradford Cohen has experience in criminal cases of Drug Paraphernalia. You can be criminally charged with possessing syringes, rolling papers, pipes, bongs, straws, or anything else used to ingest or assist in ingesting illegal narcotics. There is a wide use of discretion when it comes to getting charged with this crime. Usually it is charged along with a criminal charge of possession of drugs or narcotics, but it does not have to be charged in such a manner. An officer may try and make an arrest if you have rolling papers on you. Just because you are arrested and charged with a crime does not mean you will be convicted. There are many defenses to the charge of possession of drug paraphernalia.…

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  • Intermediate Sanctions Case

    established drugs at a young age with and without his parents, and multiple charges. The charges were “Delivery of a controlled substance” and “Possession of drug Paraphernalia”. John has had negative out outcome of the juvenile system, and it ended up failing. I have been requested to produce a Pre-Sentence Investigation on Mr. Smith to avoid incoming crimes. As the failing of the juvenile system, I would like to introduce some of the following intermediate sanction that I believe would be…

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  • Street Prostitution

    statistics show a connection between street prostitution and street drug markets. As of now, the police responses toward prostitution have short term effects but do not address the roots of the dilemma. By specifically proposing solutions targeting the rehabilitation of prostitutes, the police will be directly addressing the underlying causes that lead to street prostitution and…

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  • Summary Of Soma In Brave New World

    During the course of Brave New World I noticed the presence and effect of soma on Ford’s utopia which is very similar to the opioid crisis that tarnishes our society today. In Ford’s Utopia the use of Soma is widespread and a very addictive substance that allows citizens to cope with everyday challenges which they wouldn't be able to face without the use of the drug. Society today, views drug use especially powerful opioids as a taboo and those who are addicted are viewed as inferior person…

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  • Case Study: Blockburger V. United States

    purpose of manufacturing meth. Moreover, the elements of §51: Manufacture of Meth are 1) knowingly; and 2) manufacture drugs, such as meth. Although the third element of §43, 3) possess of equipment is not found in Count Three of §51, the elements of knowingly and manufacture are both found in §43 and §51. Thus, as in Decker, the elements of Possession of Equipment can be found in the charge of Manufacture of Meth. Furthermore, "if in comparing the elements of the offense in the abstract, the…

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  • Heroin Essay

    for them. How can we as a country fight against this death sentence? A higher emphasis on safer drug usage and reaching out…

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  • Tobacco And Caffeine Research

    While researching the several legal drugs that are available to worldwide, I will be focusing on alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine. Within this paper I will be addressing why it is legal to be use these drugs recreationally. As well as, how addictive each drug can be, the benefits that may accompany each drug along with the damages that can occur, and how much money is each industry worth along with the national amount of money spent on medical care and treatment following the effects of the drugs.…

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  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring: A Case Study

    Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Psychotropic Drugs for Dementia Residents As per World health organization (2015), there are 47.5 million people who has dementia and there are 7.7 million new cases every year. In our dementia care unit, our residents will receive benevolent expert care to prolong and fulfil their quality of life. As a newly appointed operations management team in our dementia care facility, we continuously aim to provide and improve our quality of care to our dementia residents…

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  • The Similarities Between Kirby And Ullala

    Although, the court held that these slight details do not qualify as transformative elements because they are still an exact depiction of the No Doubt band performing songs, which is what they do in real life and what they are known for as celebrities (192 Cal. App. 4th pg. 1018). Unlike Activisionʻs portrayal of the No Doubt band, Segaʻs portrayal of Kirby was altered significantly and recreated as an entirely different character. Despite the similarities between Kirby and the Ulala character,…

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  • Painkiller Overdose

    Examining the Painkiller Overdose Epidemic through Historical Perspectives Introduction: Prescription drugs, most notably painkillers, have been prevalent in the 21st century among high-schoolers. According to a 2005 study, 4.4 million teenagers (aged 12 to 17) in the US admitted to taking prescription painkillers, and 2.3 million took a prescription stimulant such as Ritalin. So why is there an increase in the usage of painkillers, specifically among high-school students in southern…

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