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  • Is A Tourist An Ugly Thing Analysis

    lashing at the tourists that come from Europe and North America for their stay in Antigua. In the book she implies how the tourists are blinded by Antigua’s beauty and paradise that they don’t realize the flaws that lie beneath it all. Kincaid reveals her bitterness towards them and how she believes in that many of these tourists take their lives and the privilege to release their stress in Antigua. Her anger also resembles a bit of envy of the tourists for their freedom to do as they please in Antigua. The essay also moves on with the history which explains that Antigua has had many…

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  • Symbolism In Jamaica Kincaid's Girl By Jamaica Kincaid

    In the prose poem carefully crafted by Jamaica Kincaid, throughout “Girl” the use of Kincaid’s childhood, history of Antigua, word choice, tone, and symbolism reveals the underlying life lessons for a traditional community from a wise mother to her young rebellious daughter. The daughter of Annie Richardson and Roderick Potter, Elaine Potter Richardson, later changed her name to Jamaica Kincaid, was born on May 25, 1949 in the town of St. John’s (Jamaica Kincaid Facts). The capital of a small…

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  • Hybridity In Jamaica Kincaid's A Small Place

    This is evident as the author imaginatively constructs the reader as a global citizen who establishes artificial, and temporary, connections to the Caribbean nation of Antigua. Hence, the reader 's awareness of their role as a literary construction indicates that they have no real intention to internalise the culture or the story itself and, as a result, only engage in the country 's traditions to fulfil a superficial desire of being culturally connected and globally aware (Kincaid 4). Kincaid…

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  • Trials And Tribulations In The Caribbean

    their arguments to the fact that De la Renta should not have to adhere to North Atlantic Universals—Jamaica Kincaid shows that this line is sometimes unclear. As Kincaid writes, “Not long after The Earthquake Antigua got its independence from Britain, making Antigua a state in its own right, and Antiguans mark the day, they go to church and thank God, a British God, for this” (9). The effects of colonialism remain alive and well in Antigua and in the Caribbean as a whole. By taking the time to…

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  • Analysis On Seeing England For The First Time

    influence of others is not living life in joy. In "On Seeing England for the First Time" by Jamaica Kincaid she uses metaphor and repetition in order to convey her oppressed and bitter attitude toward England. Kincaid uses metaphors throughout the passage to show her oppressed attitude towards England. Since Kincaid was a child she has been introduced to the map of England, the European country that took control of their small Caribbean island of Antigua. For her first time looking at England,…

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  • In History By Jamaica Kincaid Analysis

    limits our comprehension of history . Yet, Kincaid does attempt to empathize with Columbus’s perspective as he named the island of Antigua: “Here is something I have never seen before, I especially like it because it has no precedent, but it is frightening because it has no precedent, and so to make it less frightening I will frame it in the thing I know; I know a church, I know the name of the church, even if I do not like or know the people connected to this church, it is more…

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  • Symbolism In Jamaica Kincaid's Girl

    Jamaica Kincaid is a novelist who was born in St. Johns, Antigua, in 1949. Her original name was Elaine Potter Richardson. The reason for her name change was because her family did not like the career path she chose for herself, so she no longer wanted ties with her family. She is known for writing stories that relate to the Caribbean culture. After moving to the United States at 17, she began writing for the New Yorker. One of her first pieces of fiction that she wrote was the short story,…

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  • Analysis Of Breath, Eyes, Memory By Edwidge Danticat

    to family. Also, Edwidge includes themes such as coming of age, the burden of inheritance, as well as relationship between mother and daughter. Similar to Edwidge Danticat, author Jamaica Kincaid, a known Caribbean author expresses how she felt in many of her stories. Jamaica Kincaid was born in St. John’s, Antigua. Jamaica Kincaid used her childhood memories and emotions in many of her writings. Jamaica Kincaid had more experience with a mother than Edwidge Danticat. However, Kincaid used…

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  • Symbolism In Jamaicaaica Kincaid's Girl, By Jamaica Kincaid

    Jamaica Kincaid, the author of the short story “Girl,” was raised on the island of Antigua. During the time in which she was raised, Antigua was influenced by the British government. Because of the British control, Kincaid was raised in a culture immersed in the ideals of oppression and slavery. Being an African American woman in Antigua during the rule of the British government influenced how she wrote later in life. She eventually moved to America and landed a job as a writer for The New…

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  • The Importance Of Love In Jamaica Kincaid's My Brother

    To many a mother’s love is an unconditional and an irreplaceable act of kindness. This love is seen to be a guide to growth and a love that helps to shape young children into well rounded adults. Throughout Jamaica Kincaid’s memoir, My Brother, her mom tends to show affection only in times of need when someone is down and does not really provide the leadership most mothers give. Most of the memoir is about intimacy, but a lot it deals with the relationships between mother and her children.…

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