Trials And Tribulations In The Caribbean

Between the Lines The recorded history of the Caribbean reveals how the trials and tribulations faced by its people have manifested in the present. Constantly oppressed, underestimated, and abused, the people of the Caribbean have developed a unique culture marked by the exploitation of the natives and slaves by the European colonizers and North American imperialists. The lines drawn by the North Atlantic powers have created an image of what is wrong or right, good or bad, high or low, worthy or undeserving. This line lies between the Caribbean and what these North Atlantics deem as the modern world. In an interview, Oscar de la Renta once said, “Do you know why I almost always wear a tie? I have this complex that if I walk into a place wearing a colorful shirt someone will stop me and say. ‘I’m sorry, but the Latin band comes through the other …show more content…
In Michel-Rolph Trouillot’s “North Atlantic Fictions”, Stuart Hall’s “Myths of Caribbean Identity”, and Jamaica Kincaid’s A Small Place, these authors write about the Caribbean in ways that support and refute De la Renta’s discomfort in the presence of people who are inclined to look down upon him and his compliance to adapt himself to

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