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  • Through The Tunnel Doris Lessing Summary

    In Doris Lessing’s short story, “Through the Tunnel”, the Lessing teaches the reader about setting and achieving them. “Through the Tunnel” tells the story of a young English boy named Jerry whose mother allows him to go explore the bay. He meets a group of local boys and ends up swimming them. While swimming with the boys, Jerry discovers that the boys are swimming through an underwater tunnel. Eventually, the boys go off somewhere else and leave Jerry alone. Upset and lonely, Jerry swims around by himself and decides to find the tunnel that the boys were swimming through. When exploring the tunnel entrance, Jerry becomes determined to swim through the tunnel and make it to the other side. In “Through the Tunnel”, Doris Lessing uses…

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  • Short Story: Through The Tunnel By Doris Lessing

    “Through the Tunnel” In Doris Lessing’s short story, “Through the Tunnel”, the author teaches the reader about setting goals and achieving them. “Through the Tunnel” tells the story of a young English boy named Jerry who’s mother lets him go and allows him to explore the bay. While on the bay, he meets a group of boys who he ends up swimming with. While swimming with the boys, Jerry discovers that the boys are swimming through a tunnel underwater. Eventually, the boys go off somewhere else…

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  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Introduction: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is one of the most well-known nerve entrapment syndromes. This occurs when the medial nerve is pressed at the wrist. As a result, this causes a tingling sensation and weakness in the wrist and hand. Patients who have CTS are probably suffering from Occupational Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This is due to a combination of factors, increased pressure on the median nerve and tendons rather than the actual nerve itself. CTS affects women twice as much as men and…

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  • Carpal Tunnel Research Paper

    Healing Hands: 7 Helpful Ways To Curb Carpal Tunnel Symptoms Whether you're wrapping presents, changing a diaper, clicking away at the keyboard or simply trying to get a sound night's sleep, carpal tunnel symptoms can really cramp your style. Here are seven ways to heal your aching hands and get back to a relatively pain-free life. 1. Relax! Ever notice how tightly some people grip a pen or pencil between their fingers? That type of death grip puts a lot of pressure on all the muscles and…

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  • The Transformation Of The Protagonist In Ayn Rand's Anthem

    Then one day while he is performing his job, Equality finds an underground tunnel that originates from the Unmentionable Times, the time before collectivism where every human had the right to express themselves in any way they deemed fit. For two years after discovering the tunnel, Equality visits it every day during Social Recreation Time. He spends his time down there conducting experiments and journaling. Equality knows that what he is doing is against the law, and describes himself as a…

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  • Chicago Flood Essay

    way back to 1899, when the Illinois Telephone and Telegraph company had permission to build tunnels for cables from city hall, but instead built seven-foot-wide railroad tunnels. These tunnels were used to remove coal ash and other trash from Loop buildings, providing a great advantage over the crowded streets, traffic being much worse than even today. Eventually the tunnels lost their advantage to modern technology and were finally abandoned in…

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  • Leo Tanguma's In Peace And Harmony With Nature

    get where they are going, as they do in any international airport. As passengers leave the airport in their Ubers or taxis, they look out the window to see the big blue statue of a mustang just outside of the airport. While the Denver International Airport may sound like an ordinary airport, it most certainly is not. The airport is known around the globe for being home to many conspiracy theories. While some people try to fight the blatantly obvious peculiarities about the airport, other…

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  • Analysis Of Tunnels

    When we hear the word “tunnel” we think about an underground passage. But you can also think about freedom. When you are trying to escape from something you can use tunnels. Whatever you are trying to escape from. If it is a prison or some problems tunnels are a good escape. The tunnels is used to give people freedom and get away from their problems. In the text “Tunnels” the main character is using tunnels to escape from reality. The main character is not ready to be an adult. “We took our…

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  • The Tunnel Symbolism

    The seed that bears two vines. This fraze has been interpred into many diffrent meanings, one is the vine of life and the vine of death. "The Tunnel", "The Bridge" and "The Scarlet Ibis", each feed off this vine. Some psoitve and negive vine, each vine has a meaning that refers back twards the stories. All three stories have symbols that refers back into the two vines. "The Tunnel" has many symbols such as the mothers beach being the safe beach, then boys beach was dangerous where one could get…

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  • Symbolism In Through The Tunnel

    In the story “Through the Tunnel” Jerry decides to go off on his own to new places. These new places symbolizes something different. Through the description of the settings of the beach, bay, and tunnel, you can find symbolism of coming of age and maturity into adultery. The beach symbolizes childhood. Jerry doesn’t have to worry about anything because his mother is watching him. He can play with no care in the world. The descriptions of the setting that lead me to think the beach symbolizes…

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