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  • Personal Narrative: What I Want To Do As An Adult

    was sitting in my Lifespan Development class talking to my friend Jensie about our community service hours for the TN Promise Scholarship. Jensie and I looked through the list, that was on their website, of community service events. I did not find anything that interested me, so I got off the website and continued with my classwork. When I got home that night I was checking my school email and I came across an email that was sent out to all of the seniors. The email was from a teacher at Hillsboro Elementary School that was the head of the Spring Fling committee. She listed the date of the Spring Fling and the events they would have there. She asked that anyone interested should email her back with their phone number and personal email address. So, that is what I did. The next day at school I told Jensie about the email and how I signed up to volunteer at the school. Jensie already knew she wanted to major in elementary education, so when I told her about it she got super excited and decided that she would sign up too. A week later, in class, Jensie received an email saying that all of the volunteer spots were taken. I felt so bad for her missing out on an opportunity that could have affected her more than it would affect me. I considered emailing the teacher and telling her that Jensie could have my spot, but I wanted to start collecting my community service hours, so I did not do that. When the night of the Spring Fling came around I was extremely nervous. I was sweating…

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  • Case Study: Amazon Prime Membership

    Amazon could control the number of people using one Prime account by deploying Information Technology (IT) controls and application controls which include computerized steps within a software and related manual procedures to control the processing of various types of transactions. One of the IT controls to control this risk is to have application controls that put into effect one-address policy that allows only one shipping address for each account, and if the holder of the account moves and…

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  • The Importance Of Governance, Risk And Compliance

    attributable to staff”. Legal Issues: “A barrister with experience in employment law said an employer was vicariously liable for discrimination or sexual harassment suffered by an employee. However, the employer was protected if it has taken all reasonable steps to prevent such behavior. A robust policy on the inappropriate use of e-mail and proper grievance practices would protect the employer”. (Colm Keena, Alison Healy, 2010). From the internal email security report taken in 2002 it…

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  • Digital Communication Analysis

    Unlike email, people are now able to respond from wherever they are. I need to be better at getting back to people even if the subject of the matter is not of importance. One article stated that “if there is something that will keep you from responding in detail, a short message stating your situation and that you will respond in detail as soon as you can” (E-mail Response Time Matters!, 2010). The fact that someone reached out to me for whatever reason and took time out of their day should be…

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  • Alumnae Association Case Study

    criteria, Excel may give you two options for how to sort this field. Choose “Sort numbers and numbers stored as text separately.” Chapter Number Find Kappas who were initiated in the same chapter. Solicit volunteers for your association’s chapter support: • Volunteers for Initiation or long-distance advising. • Potential donors for Adopt-a-Chapter needs. Change Source Date Look for Kappas whose addresses have changed in the past year or since the date of your last galley. Welcome Kappas who…

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  • Essay On Banning Email

    extensively using emails internally among employees, to connect to customers and other stakeholders. It is very cost effective as it just requires an internet connection, which most companies already provide to employees for other business needs. This explains the prevalence of emails in business today but there are other concerns that should be considered for business today. It is important to understand the effect that emails have on employee productivity, what implications exist this creates…

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  • Lead Magnet Analysis

    lost what makes your list valuable in the first place. You always have to provide quality to your followers. That is rule number one of having a successful website and a lucrative email marketing list. 3) What is a Lead Magnet? A lead magnet is simply another word for a free gift you give someone in exchange for their contact information. 4) What is the Best Kind of Lead Magnet? Most people give away knowledge. Things like an e-book, a whitepaper, a mind map, or a useful checklist. Giving…

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  • Importance Of Communication Plan For Abm's Learning Plan

    all manager, organizational leaders, and employees. All employees have a work email that helps the sign into the intranet and access company information. The message will be sent to the employee’s individual email as well as be posted on ABM’s intranet’s main page. All employees that sign into the intranet are immediately directed to ABM’s main page and will see the message. Follow-Up Communications A week after the original message is sent out, a follow-up email will be sent out to inform…

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  • Summary: Technology's Role In Professional Communication

    “Research has found that the average U.S. employee spends about a quarter of his or her time at work combing through the hundreds of emails each employee sends and receives each day” (Smith & Giang, 2014). As such a large part of the average professionals work life takes place over email, it is clearly a very important aspect of professional communication. As technology’s role in the workspace continues to expand, the importance of email as a professional communication tool can only increase.…

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  • The Importance Of My Experience On The Internet

    change the way I use my social media accounts has to do with my transition from childhood to adulthood. The way I use my social media accounts of email, facebook, and instagram have all changed over time and this change directly reflects my transition from childhood to adulthood. As I stated earlier, I signed up for my first email account when I was in 4th grade. After that I was hooked. I emailed and instant messaged people on my account as much as possible. The first person I ever emailed was…

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