My Rules And Action Plan In Digital Communication

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Communication can often be difficult enough when dealing with people face-to-face, but the introduction of digital communication has created a new set of rules and issues to be dealt with that were not previously needed. Not having been born into this new technology, there were rules and protocols that I had never thought of or been exposed to. This paper will reflect the areas in which I need improvement, and my action plan to be a more successful communicator.
In a professional setting, I have a few areas that need improvement when communicating digitally. Because the majority of that communication is done via email, I need to change my habits and be more aware of my actions in the following areas:
 Hierarchy in email - I had never thought
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Unlike email, people are now able to respond from wherever they are. I need to be better at getting back to people even if the subject of the matter is not of importance. One article stated that “if there is something that will keep you from responding in detail, a short message stating your situation and that you will respond in detail as soon as you can” (E-mail Response Time Matters!, 2010). The fact that someone reached out to me for whatever reason and took time out of their day should be enough for me to respond back in a timely manner. Although, I think it is ok to respond later in the day when texting friends and family, I think a reasonable response time should be within 2 hours. In a professional setting or anything regarding business, the response time should be immediate or as soon as possible. Although I will allow at least 24 hours to receive a response from someone, I will make sure that when possible, I will respond immediately, but never longer than 2 hours. In addition to being respectful, it is also one less thing I need worry about. If I allow too much time to pass, I run the risk of forgetting, which I have …show more content…
We all see it happening during this presidential debate, and have also seen how our own words can harm not only ourselves, but others. After watching the TED videos the past few weeks, I realized that I need to be more aware of what I send out. Digital messages are permanent and once that send button is pushed, there is nothing I can do to get them back or erase the information that I sent out. I do not feel that I send anything too horrible, but some of my humor might not be appreciated by everyone or could offend someone. I need to make a conscious effort to stop and think about what information I am sending out and how it might be perceived or interpreted. I need to stop and think, how appropriate would this content be if the world were to see it? If there is anything in that message that I would not want anyone to see, I absolutely will not send

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