Communication In Healthcare

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How Does Communication Facilitate Safe and Quality Patient Care
The way people communicate is a unique trait everyone carries. Individuals communicate using different mechanisms: either by using body languages, facial expressions, and gestures or writing what needs to be expressed. In addition to these mechanisms, verbal communication can either be done over the phone or face to face. Majority of today’s generations like to communicate through social networks and texting. Communication is an interactive action where words, thoughts, and advice are exchanged amongst people. There are two styles of communication are informal and formal. And there is a time when to use either forms of communication. I prefer using verbal communication in a formal
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Without communication, healthcare services would not be as effective in providing care to a patient. Communication help the patient and healthcare provider understand the responsibility each other holds so the best outcome happens when it comes to patient care. The nurse plays a very important role because he or she is the first clinician the patient will be introduced to. Being nurses are the first to initiate a relationship with the patient while providing care, this introduction needs to be a success. For this to happen, nurses have to keep in mind the barriers that affect communication, such as language or education level. “Barriers to communication can lead to misunderstandings and the misinterpretation of information, thereby compromising patient safety,” as stated by Gloria Likupe (2014). For instance, conversing with patients using medical terminology might be like speaking a different language to most, so healthcare providers should talk more in laymen terms. Nevertheless, healthcare provider and patient communication should be handled delicately and thoroughly providing a little more time to communicate between each other and the patient’s family using verbal and non-verbal communication. Good non-verbal communication involves things like good eye contact, active listening, …show more content…
With nurses being the first clinician, “communication seeks to increase the nurse’s understanding of a patient’s needs, perspective and values” (Dabney, Beverly Waller; Huey-Ming Tzeng, 2013). Nurses not only here to be involved in the patient care; they become an advocate and supporter to the patient and their family. With good communication, patients are more satisfied as they can better understand their problems and management. Better communication can also mean saving an individual’s life. Let’s do better and

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