Texting Is Better Than Communication Essay

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Texting and emailing is inferior to communicating with someone face-to-face. Talking face-to-face makes it easier to get your point across and show emotion that cannot be put into texts. Talking face-to-face can help with verbal skills which will be beneficial in a person’s lifetime. Forcing people to communicate with each other in person allows them to break out of their shell and become confident with talking in person. In society these days people are constantly glued to their phones. They cannot take their eyes off of their phones for even a minute out of fear that they will miss something. Many are guilty of this bad habit. Phones have corrupted people’s minds and have made them believe that texting or emailing are the only forms of communication. However, talking face-to-face with one another is far more effective than sending a …show more content…
When people apply for a job you cannot just text in an application and expect to get the job. People will not be ready for any sort of interviews or jobs that involve them holding a conversation with someone in person. People are getting too comfortable sitting behind their phones and computers that it has affected how they live their lives. They fear to be judged in person so they speak over text or email to somehow avoid this judgment. However, this will only hurt them in the long run because they will never be able to talk and solve problems by speaking to people in person versus text.
It is sad to think that someday there will be no forms of communicating face to face. Our only way to communicate will be by sending simple, meaningless texts that would be much easier to say in person. People need to put down their phones and force themselves to talk to one another. By talking to someone via text, do people actually know who is on the other end? With phones these days people may not be talking to the person they think they are. People never know who they are truly talking

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