The Impact Of Social Media And Social Interaction?

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On a crisp Sunday Afternoon in October, when I decided to go back home during Columbus Day weekend to visit my family that I realized, everybody at the dining table was attached to their mobile devices. They constantly exchanged messages through social media or text and at some instances disregarded physical interaction with one another. All you hear is alert tones going back and forth across the room and silence coming from their mouths. What have we become? We were once regarded as social animals that requires love and attention to become this.

Long before the invention of mobile technology, our historical genius, Albert Einstein mentioned "I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of
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The extensive popularity of social media introduced in the past decade such as Facebook and Twitter has taken over the primary mode of communication. A survey conducted by a digital marketing firm shows that almost 6 hours a day is spent on technological devices, if 8 hours is spent on rest and 8 hours spent on work, the majority of your day is spent on stranded on cyberspace. The effect is dehumanizing as we are engaged in face-to face interaction much less than before. The integration of electronic communication at the workplace has been at a constant rise. With the sheer convenience of online interactions saving time and effort makes this a popular method for communication and has overtaken face-to-face or voice-to-voice communication. There are chat rooms established now for corporate customer service for consumers who do wish to engage in voice communications. Studies have shown that this method will comprise more than 50% of the workforce by 2020, who would prefer to use instant messaging or social media instead of office interaction. Because most business interactions are conducted via technology enabled media, electronic messaging, digital media and online conferences will often lead to misinterpretation. Digital media is changing the way we speak, …show more content…
The sender can only transmit a full message when certain criteria 's are met to include the tone of voice, body language and the message itself. Behind the electronic message, text, tweets or Facebook message there is no ability to receive nonverbal cues and is left to the audiences perspective. This often results in miscommunication which is a common cause for online disputes. This presents an extraordinary inconsistency with the rise of new social technologies, the more connected we are the touch of our fingertips, the more disconnected we really are. This brings a new set of communication

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