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  • Feminisecurity. Com Business Analysis

    I, along many people have wondered where and who does spam comes from, who is buying this merchandise advertised in our junk folder like Viagra, who is profiting from sending these spam emails or even if these drugs are real or ineffective. Brian Krebs, founder of the award winning cybersecurity website, krebsonsecurity.com takes us into the dark world of hacking and spamming. He explains a lot of the hacking and spamming comes from Russia and that they are the true “spam nation.” McAfee, a large antivirus company detected 14 million new pieces of malware in the first quarter of 2013 alone. Krebs mainly focuses on Russian hackers, Igor “Desp” Gusev and Dmitry “SaintD” Stupin who are co-administrators of SpamIt and GlavMed which were the world…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Click Farms

    Social Media is quickly expanding, meaning that there are many career opportunities that it produces. One fairly successful career option is producing click farms. Click farms are when workers are paid to click on paid advertising ads. Whether it is likes on Facebook, followers on Twitter or Instagram or other purposes people companies or individuals have reasons to acquire these purchases. The click farms have studied the typical person’s insecurity and uses it to benefit themselves in the…

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  • The Benefits Of Internet Censorship

    from filtering and blocking adult contents. Since those pornographic websites consist much violent sexual abuse information of women, this can gain click rate of the websites and earn money from them. After filtering and regulating those websites, sexual abuse of women can be reduced. Reduction of spamming E-mail is one the most important Internet tools to communicate with people all around the world. People send e-mails only by using e-mail address and the companies can get the email address…

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  • Scoring A Job Essay

    page. Adding your name at the top helps the hiring manager know who they are considering on hiring. I have a habit to put my name centered of the document using an easy to read font superior than the rest of the document such as size 24 font. Underneath, you tend to put your address on where you live. Now, this supports the claim of the employee will always show up on time regardless of the weather if they live by the job. It provides a sign or relief for the hiring manager because they do not…

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  • Calendar Observation

    My observations were around Time. I wanted to observe how people using their mobile phones to schedule their time. I observed three people- one in person, one via Skype, and one via Google Hangouts. I asked the three people to walk me through how they normally use calendar(s) on their phone around scheduling appointments and events (using the calendars they normally use). Jana Jana is a UX research who recently moved across the country. She attends a lot of UX related events for and needs to put…

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  • Technology And Depression

    This quote was said by Mark Kennedy an American writer. As this may be a funny quote it is also true. Technology has been growing rapidly over the course of history. We lived in a world where writing letters were the normal thing to do. However, things have changed and people are not the way they use to be. We have become anti-social and a shy society. It has come to a point where people have no self control with using social media or the internet. It has also caused people to become depressed.…

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  • Essay On Texting

    important letter or writing an essay for their school. On the other hand, many other people and I believe that using abbreviations for texting is helpful and saves time, and by no way it will affect the ways that people write letters or write essays. Many of students at this time are using abbreviations for texting, but they are still writing very good essays and letters by using complete words. Although the ways of communications are increasing and their speed of delivery is better, the…

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  • The Myth Of Email Marketing And The Internet

    According to Mailgen, 89% of marketers say that email is their primary channel for lead generation. Big businesses and internet marketers understand the importance of email marketing. Yet, there is a stigma about email marketing with the rest of the population. The primary reason for this is spam. Here’s the three word history of spam: low conversion rates. Spamalytics did a study of spam conversion rates in 2008. They sent out 347 million cold emails, trying to sell a pharmaceutical product.…

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  • My Bible Experience

    This summer as been a blessing and I want to share part of my journey. I want to start off my thanking my bible study leader, Yoly and Lisa along with everyone else at Appleton Alliance Church. Going back to when I was in middle school and high school I would go to AAC but sadly never considered what I was learning to be meaningful, in one ear and out the other. I was to focused on what time is it, how many more songs are we singing, how much longer until we get home, and so on. I never…

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  • Employee Privacy Case Study

    As human beings, the employees have a natural urge to feel territorial. Smith and Tabak claim that monitoring of employee e-mails “may result in less engagement in organizational citizenship behaviors due to the negative impact on employees’ perceptions of privacy and fairness as well as employee resistance” (43). Although the fact that when employees work under the company, they are using the company’s resources wins over the argument of the invasion of employees’ privacy. Therefore, as the…

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