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  • Mayor Eric Garcetti´s Speech: The Mayor's Speech

    The Mayor’s Speech A mayor is in charge to help change and solve problems within their city and country. We as citizens and residences should make our voices be heard so we can also help improve our home. In Mayor Eric Garcetti’s speech, he talks about many events that has happened over the years in California. It’s not just events from the past, but also stating about future events and goals. It also talks about how we, as a community can come together to help, improve, and get involved. Since Mayor Garcetti became mayor, he has improved and helped so much in the cities of California, and without him I believe the cities goals would take longer to happen, and wouldn’t hear our problems nor fix the community. First of all, many of us Angelinos are having a tough time living here in California, and it’s not getting any easier instead it’s getting worse. Rent, bills, and an education keep getting higher and higher. Since Mayor Garcetti has become our mayor, he stated to us that he will bring order back and convince city hall to improve services, and rebuilt/ create middle class jobs. As you can see, he has helped us create at least 70 thousand job opportunities,…

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  • Ethical Dilemmas In Leadership Essay

    those questions answered, so that I can take it to the mayor and get answers for the group. The main reason why I want to speak to the group is because I want to get their consent in speaking on behalf of them. I do not want to violate their rights to self-determination as a group. They might not want to involve the mayor; they might want to speak with other higher officials and “go over” the mayor’s head to achieve their demands. The other part of this ethical dilemma is that the mayor told me…

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  • Reflective Essay: Political Action And The Civil Rights Movement

    writing campaign to City officials in hopes of making a difference. By doing so, I expected to force a change. I had been warned by local residents near this crossing that the City of Pullman was not interested in safety improvements, nor were they open to discussions about shortcomings of the crosswalk. In the hopes of proving this statement wrong, I began a series of communication with the Pullman City Council, the Mayor and the Public Works Director. My first communication was to the City…

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  • Reflection On St Paul City Council

    In this paper, I will reflect my experience of attending the Saint Paul City Council meeting. I will share on how awards and grants by Saint Paul City Councils approve projects, programs, and strategies to improve the capital in Saint Paul. In addition, I will go into details of the City of Saint Paul source of funding to provide awards and grants to proposals made by the City of Saint Paul residents. I then will discuss a proposal that was discussed by the proposer and the Saint Paul City…

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  • Archer Mayor Case

    Archer Mayor is a firefighter/EMT, constable, publications consultant, history researcher, newspaper writer, medical illustrator, political advance man, lab technician, travel writer, feature writer, scholarly editor, historian, teacher, and photographer turned critically acclaimed author. In addition to the many professions he has held over the years, he has lived on two continents and several countries and speaks Spanish and English. Given his many occupations and wanderlust he is best…

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  • Mayor Career Goals

    Another career goal I have is to represent my community as the city Mayor. I believe with my background in law I would be a qualified mayor for the Philadelphia city. Even with the government subsidizes people in Philadelphia cannot afford to have decent health care due to the increase of health insurance premium each year. I want to enforce an extensive health insurance policy for the people in Philadelphia city that would improve the avenue of health care. Additionally, I would focus on equal…

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  • Analysis: A Crush By Cynthia Rylant

    Changes Essay “Old ways won’t open new doors.” (Unknown) “A Crush,” by Cynthia Rylant, shows the main character, Ernie, experiencing a different variety of events that discovered the need for change. He wasn’t going to open the same old door everyday and decided he needed to open a shiny new door that would lead him to change. The death of Ernie’s mother started the need for change. The text states, “This house was called a group home, because in it lived a group of people who, like…

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  • The Aztecs

    not have an alphabet they used picture hieroglyphics alphabet to teach their children their native language N’ahuatl.The boys would be separated from the girls so they can learn traditional gender roles that can still be seen in modern day Mexico and parts in Central America. The three most significant gods for them were Quetzalcoatl,Tezcatlipoca , and Huitzilopochtli. In their societies ,every house they had altars to pray to the gods for help in exchange for offering for their gratitude. Their…

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  • Importance Of Mayor Duterte In The Philippines

    SHOULD MAYOR RODRIGO DUTERTE BE THE RIGHT PRESIDENT FOR THE PHILIPPINES? INTRODUCTION Definition Our country and all of the Filipino people need Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte because our country is in a dire situation and would never be able to move forward unless a good leader takes it’s in charge and we all know that Mayor Duterte is a great leader because of his platform. In Philippines, corruption is endemic in all levels of government, including in the barangays but he also focus on…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Mayor Bloomberg

    Introducing a soda ban is a very risky idea. Mayor Bloomberg is seeking to reduce the obesity rate by limiting soda sizes to 16 Oz’s. After reading through Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal on the soda ban. I belive he raised some very alarming points. People in not only his state, but in the country are becoming massivley overweight. People are becoming two or even three times their normal size. Some people are starting to look like walking bulldozers. However, Mayor Bloomberg has many points wrong.…

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