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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Earplugs

    The sponge earplugs are the awkward azure in my trumpet case. Apparently they do not fit with the trumpet gold. But by contrasting, they do shimmer the gold. I took out the two of my small blue sponge earplugs from the case. I squeezed the sponges as hard as I could, plugged one into my left ear, and spun it until it was perfectly fitted in. Then I plugged the other, and did the same to it. That was what the doctor asked me to do. I walked into the classroom, sit down, opened my music folder. The sponges soon expanded, filling up every minute space in my external auditory canal, almost strong enough to make my ears explode. The instruments’ sound volume was then turned down; less music flew into my ears. The earplugs, as though the physical…

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  • Essay On Bilateral Atresia

    congenital aural Atresia (Andrea Jovankovicˇova´, Roman Stanı´k, Samuel Kunzo, Lucia Maja´kova´, and Milan Profant, page 2). These patients were split up into three groups depending on their treatment. Results from the pure tone audiometry test and their CT of their temporal bones helped evaluate each patient. Their evaluations showed how much their threshold improved either after conventional surgery or implanted hearing devices. Results in this experiment were insufficient because there…

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  • Deafness Research Paper

    hearing loss in his ear, which occurs when part of the human’s ear system is damaged or doesn’t function properly. it could be noticed when the person is asking everyone to speak slowly and loudly, keep turning the volume of the television and radio up, and will end up avoiding social communications and events. There are three main types of deafness; Conductive deafness is a condition where there is a malfunction in the middle ear (either the ear canal is absent or not open at birth), it starts…

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  • Research Paper On Anotia

    Paelo Manalo Dr. Aida Metzenberg BIOL 241 April 3, 2016 Hear Them Out The first few weeks of pregnancy are the most critical time any complications that can happen to the embryo; most birth defects occur during this time frame. Anotia and Microtia (AM) are birth defects diagnosed when a baby is born. Anotia and Microtia are almost similar diseases. The treatment depends on the severity of the disease and how the ear is formed. The diagnosis for the disease is noticeable at birth however the…

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  • Volleyball Observation Report

    I need my brain to know when to move. When playing volleyball, I need to be able to move around in order to get to where the ball had been hit. In order to do this my brain uses neurons to transmit signals to my body that allows me to make quick motions. Sensory neurons send messages from my muscles and sensory organs, like my eyes and ears, to my brain and spinal cord. My brain then processes that message and sends a response back to my muscles via motor neurons. If, for instance, one of my…

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  • Impact Of The Market Revolution

    interest in the Americans as a way to look beyond the communities in which they lived and by cultivating the commercialization. However the National Road didn’t stop the revolution of the transportation at the time, many other growths were occurring. Canals allowed goods to be shipped not just north and south, but east and west as well. The most famous canal was Erie Canal that was paid for by investors. The men who had jobs on the canal started as farmers, but when it became harvest season, no…

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  • North And South Similarities

    southerner’s acquire to own slaves because the more slaves you have the less work you have to do. Education was provided to only children of plantation owners, small farmers had little or no education. The progress of transportation and communication was different in the north than in the south. In the north, canals and trains were their main source of transportation to transport goods for one place to another. Canals were mostly used in the north, the Erie Canal was very successful. The Erie…

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  • Differences Between Terrestrial And Aquatic Mammals

    communicate over long distance in similar ways, but of course have differences since they evolved from different ancestors. Specific to this paper, elephants and whales are discussed; the way their ears, external or internal, are structures and how each section of their ears function to aid in the process of hearing frequencies from conspecifics. Elephants not only use their large ears to capture frequencies of sound, but they also use fatty cushions in the feet pads to detect vibrations by…

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  • Hearing Differences Between Deafness And Human Ear

    Many people ponder over the thought on how they hear sounds, how their ears work, and how different sounds are perceived. Sound is in fact, just the vibration of the particles of an object, but the way the human ear distinguishes different sounds is truly fascinating. Many people have flawless hearing skills, but others have hearing disabilities that prevent them from being able to recognize different pitches of sound, or how loud or soft a sound is. This is defined as hearing loss, however,…

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  • The Influence Of Music On The Brain

    that travel into the ear, cause vibrations that pass through to the inner ear, and then sent to the brain. Humans…

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