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  • Tuesday City Council Case Study

    The temperature outside was 73 degrees, but fuses were blowing at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. Continuing business from October’s meeting, councilmember Dale Reynolds requested that a special meeting be held in the interest of homelessness in the city. Having that meeting in the Multi-purpose Room with department heads from city agencies, two council members met on Wednesday to put their heads together to implement a way, to solve the ever growing problem. “Homeless people, whether they have mental illnesses or drug addictions, or a combination of both, still need to be treated with respect and dignity,” Reynolds said. “We need to help these people, not sweep them under the rug, or put them on buses and ship them out of town. They are a part of our population whether we like it or not.” In regard to the underlying…

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  • Early Jamestown

    Early Jamestown: Why Did So Many Colonists Die? English royalty and noblemen were very optimistic after they heavily funded the Jamestown expedition with the belief that the settlement would be a strong foundation towards the goal of colonizing the fertile lands of the Eastern Americas. Accomplishing such a daunting task meant the country potentially could have an abundant population to spread Christianity towards, discover new riches as the Spanish previously had done, and maybe uncover the…

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  • New England Colonies In The 1600's

    Many people came to the New World looking for new possibilities, freedom, and a place to settle and become an established, respectable land. Starting in the early 1600’s, the Virginia Company wanted a settlement in America. The Chesapeake colonies, including Virginia and Maryland first established the town of Jamestown. “Jamestown was intended to become the core of a long-term settlement effort, creating new wealth for the London investors and recreating English society in North America”…

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  • Why Puritans Were Successful In New England

    terrain helped farmers across the colony produce enough material to sustain themselves and the ability to trade with England, and the New England colony saw more independence from Britain than other colonies. One of the reasons for the Puritans’ success in England is because they were able to bring family members to the colony and they ventured with members of their former community. The ability to bring family members to the colony meant that women could take a larger role in society…

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  • Personal Narrative On Homelessness

    The smell of dead fish and fried dumplings engulfed my nostrils as I ventured off into a foreign territory. I was then immediately bombarded with musty, humid air and noticeably large advertisements hanging above my head, all written in Chinese. Then, as I was walking with my head towards the sky, taking in my surroundings, I was abruptly stopped by a man, whom was slender and of Asian descent. He shoved a catalogue, that had listings of different counterfeit purses, into my hands and motioned…

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  • How To Write A Narrative Essay On My First Day Of High School

    It was early in the morning; I was still sleeping in my dreamland, dreaming about flying dogs, then suddenly I heard my alarm clock ringing really loud. I woke up turn off my clock, look at the time, it’s 5:30am, and asking myself, “why am I awake so early?”, so I check my phone to see what day is today. “It’s the first day of high school!” I got quickly, did my morning routine, as I was about to head out, I realize that I’m still in my pajamas. So I head back to my room, picking my clothes, and…

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  • Stupid Mesume's Pattern: A Narrative Fiction

    Mesume sat in the airport in Tokyo, reading the stock reports. Worrying about Skadi, and hoping that the little fox stays out of trouble in cargo. Sighing and setting aside the report she looked at the letter sent by her father. Rereading it she dropped her head to the table in the little airport cafe. Stupid Mesume, if you would have stayed out of trouble the school would have never called him. But,could you manage that no you had to get involved when the Yakuza started to try and strong arm…

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  • Head Of A Male Deity Analysis

    artwork that I chose to further engaged myself in as well as analyze is, Head of a Male Deity (Deva), which it originates from Thailand, specifically in the Lamphun Province. This piece in particular was created during the Haripunjaya period, which makes it approximately from the 11th/12th century Terracotta. Although the description just beside the piece did not mention the composition, it is clear that the piece is made out of some form of clay-like structure. I am assuming this not only…

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  • Eggbeater: A Short Story

    ditch and it absolutely was virtually because the eggbeater was flaming. The eggbeater lost management. It instantly had the bow, or the nose, head down and it absolutely was simply heading straight for the ocean. simply before it crashed, the bow came up a touch bit and it turned quickly to the starboard facet. i used to be searching my window for many of it therefore I knew after we were planning to hit the water. The next factor I will bear in mind was wakening in an exceedingly submerged…

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  • Themes In Salvador Dali's Swans Reflecting Elephants

    Spain on May 11, 1904 Salvador Dali imagination was created. Salvador didn’t always want to become an artist, but had incredible ambitions . His imagination and creative differed from others, at the age of 21 at the School of Fine Arts he was asked to draw a virgin just as he saw it in front of him and drew a pair of scales. In the “Swans Reflecting Elephants”, Salvador Dali portrays three dust grey swans. The first swan to the left sits with its head held high and his wings slightly open with…

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