Personal Narrative: Mosque Listening

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I woke up one morning to receive a briefing on that day’s mission. The mission happens to be that we were going out for a mosque listening. Upon completion of the brief I went back to my rack, and I started doing my own planning. Going through everything in my head, what building do we take? What’s my specific job? Do we have our supplies? Am I going to make it back to base tonight? A few hours went by and the time had come to mount up in the gun trucks and go out for our mission. I jump in my gun truck with the boys and swallow yells “Gun truck three is ready!” We roll out of the gate headed in to the fight to complete our mission. All five of us lit up a cigarette at about the same time as we always had before, smelling like on big ash tray, but that was better than smelling the city which smelt like a landfill. All the shatter and static on the radio sounded like three grown men trying to talk over each other. The roar of the engine of the gun truck as we went down the road sounded like a racecar going around a track. We arrived at our location and I dismount and go into a house in which we were going to listen to the mosque from. We clear the house out and I go to my position on the roof top. I could see the waves of heat rising from the concrete roof as I kneel down behind the wall providing …show more content…
I made Le go get on the roof and watch out while I made sure everything was ok with us in the house. Walking around vigorously pissed off at the world I got the call on the radio, “mount up let’s go!” all of us in the house came out and were getting in our trucks when I noticed my gun truck had a huge deep scrap in the trunk and the turret had big scrapes on it as well but the truck was still in one piece. I jump in the truck and aske the guys “Yall all

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