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  • Richard III Loyalty Essay

    All of the characters in Richard III only care about their own person gains and are disinterested in the wellbeing of others, which causes continuous cycle of power in the monarchy. The characters take bribes, do whatever they can to get power, and make enemies before they take the throne. The characters in Richard III are only loyal to themselves, which is why everything they do is for their own good. The supporters only remain loyal to the side of the fight that benefits them more. At the…

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  • Thesis Statement On Why Football Gear Should Be Upgraded

    ?Topic: Why football gear should be upgraded My Thesis Statement: Why football gear be upgraded due to a large amount of injuries that are not unavoidable also, are easily avoidable.…

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  • Concussion Speech

    disease. Thought to be a caused by repeated blow to head. This disease led to his death just last year. He was just 69 years of age. The disease is concussion, it took many lives of football players as well as other athletes. There is a lots of kinds about concussion but now let's just talk about the symptoms, causes and treatment or way to prevent from happening. Concussion is a brain injury caused by blow to head or physical force of shaking head and body. As I talk about concussion I find…

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  • Absolute Monarchy

    either the oldest son or in some countries the oldest daughter when the current monarch died. Absolutism is a very important type of government that made a big impact. It was mentioned in the bible. Many monarch's today have usual ceremonial jobs the head state would have. The monarch has to have his or her say in everything. Monarch's can also have religious power and can make religious rules or laws. When it comes to laws about property and all the relates the monarch has no say. The ones…

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  • Chief Legislator Role

    1. The Chief Legislator is the most important role of the governors in today’s world They take the lead in lawmaking activities, and involve themselves in the laws passed by the state legislative body. The environment that the Chief Legislator works in is often a conflict environment and is often in constant divisiveness. Agenda Setting is the first step in the process of policy making. This position places items on the agenda for government action, these items are usually ones that affect the…

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  • NFL Concussions

    Sports today, have many controversial topics that are introduced and discussed heavily. In the NFL (National Football League), concussions are a crucial topic to be discussed. A concussion is an injury caused by an impact to the head, or a violent shaking of the head and body. Doug Baldwin, wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks took a big hit during one of his games. He was then screened for a concussion and Baldwin claimed that he could have easily cheat the protocol if he wanted to, but…

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  • Sports Injury Case Study

    opinion that would corroborate the diagnosis. The other physician confirmed the first neurosurgeons’ report and told A.B to stop playing football as he could be paralyzed for life. Even with all of the reports informing A.B. to stop playing football, the head trainer of BTU went to a safety meeting and claimed that football players with this type of disease do not have a heightened risk of injury or paralysis. Ultimately, everyone allowed A.B and his parents make the decision and he chose to…

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  • Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Summary

    caused from repeated trauma to the head. (What is CTE?, 2017) CTE is found in the brains of people who have participated in contact sports such as boxing, football, soccer, ice hockey as well as victims of repeated violence. The repeated trauma to the head causes an abnormal protein, called Tau, to form on the brain and kills brain cells. Victims of CTE do not necessarily need to experience concussions to have CTE. CTE can be a result in hundreds or thousands of head impacts over many years.…

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  • Long Term Cognitive Effects In Sports

    caught up in the hype of the sport at the present time and do not stop and think how this can effect their life long-term. Individuals have researched the relationship between a variety of high-impact sports players who have encountered repeated head injuries and the long-term cognitive effects. The cognitive effects researched include chronic traumatic encephalopathy (Alosco, Tripodis & Jarnagin, 2016), increased symptoms of computerized Immediate Post-Concussion…

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  • The Importance Of Concussions In The National Football League

    Year by year head injuries are rising in the National Football League. With head injuries growing the tension around the concussion issue is growing. With growing tension more pressure is put on the NFL in means of player safety. The NFL should do more to protect players against concussions because players are constantly taking hits, helmets are not concussion proof, and players are returning to action too soon after suffering a concussion. To start off concussions are defined as a type of…

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