Warringah Council Case Study

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Aim of the investigation
The aim of the investigation is to evaluate the residential recycling program of Warringah Council against Sunshine Coast Council.

Study Area
Warringah Council is a local government area located on the Northern Beaches, in Metropolitan Sydney region. Warringah council covers an area of 149 square kilometres. Figure 1 is a map of Warringah Council and shows its five borders: Narrabeen Lagoon to the northeast, Cowan Creek to the North, The Tasman Sea to the east, Manly Lagoon and Middle Harbour to the South, and Ku-ring-gai Council to the West. There are 27 suburbs and 19 localities. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are 155,289 residents.

Warringah Council runs a weekly collection for residential waste. As illustrated in Figure 2, Warringah Council provides three types of recycling bins: mixed containers
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From survey results, Warringah Council has a decent recycling program as residents are environmentally conscious and use common sense. It would be advantageous for Warringah Council to create a decade long plan outlining improvements needed. Some proposed recommendations below were based on results gathered in the questionnaires.
• Introduce fines for more than 20% of raw materials are in general waste bin. This would deter residents from discarding everything into general waste and encourage them to further sort their waste correctly. Exceptions may be made depending on circumstances. The effectiveness can be determined if the system was trialled. This method is employed in Seattle, Washington.
• Create incentives to entice households to recycle more and produce less waste. An incentive would be a discount on the next council rate. This could be done through bin audits to see if residents were recycling

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