Les Misérables

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  • Les Miserables Persuasive Essay

    “Yes, it means I’m free. / No!” ("LES MISERABLES CAST LYRICS - Look Down") these are the dreaded words shared between Jean Valjean and Javert in the movie musical. This phrase is a mirror image of Jean’s life in the novel Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. Valjean is a criminal of simple actions, but has major obstacles to overcome. Difficulties within Valjeans path make it almost impossible for him to find the joy in life. Throughout his life, Cosette and other obstacles take the life away from Jean Valjean and he was unable to find true happiness. Valjean goes through some troubling times, and nothing backs it up more than the words he speaks. From getting released from the galleys to becoming the caretaker of Cosette, Jean Valjean lives…

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  • Jean Valjean In Les Miserables

    Victor Hugo specifies that Jean Valjean is a cruel, broken-hearted man that is ultimately changed by the acts of love and compassion by the people around him in the novel, Les Miserables. Jean Valjean course of life after prison sets him up at the Bishop’s house, leading him to meet the kind Bishop. With the Bishop’s kind acts that Valjean has embraced, Valjean spreads his kindness and sympathy to others along the way. With all this kindness and goodness in Valjean, connecting to God will become…

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  • Les Misérables

    and Alain Boublil started working on a musical adaptation of Les Misérables in French. “This show was inspired by Alain’s visit to Cameron Mackintosh’s production of Oliver! in London.” (Musical World.) When Mr. Boublil saw the Artful Dodger he instantly thought of Gavroche and the idea of Les Misérables as a musical was created. They released a French concept album in 1980. In September of the same year a French director by the name of Robert Hossein staged their work as a show, which was a mix…

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  • Les Miserable Analysis

    Celeste Hannay Dr. Knudson ENGL-109-08 October, 3 2017 Les Miserable: A Historical Masterpiece Les Miserable, the captivating, well known story which was transposed into a brilliant film by Tom Hooper in 2012 portrays a true sense of life during the revolution. Aimed towards history gurus and middle-aged adults, this article gives a good description of what the movie entails. Set in early nineteenth century France, this film is based on God’s prevalent grace in Jean Valjean’s life while he…

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  • Valjeane And Cosette's Relationship Essay

    Having a very strong relationship with their father is something that a lot of girls want to make sure they have in their lives, and in the case of Cosette and Valjean in Les Miserables, written by Victor Hugo, that seems to be very true. Jean Valjean and Cosette are characters that are both able to bring life and happiness into each other’s lives because in the beginning Valjean is there for Cosette, meanwhile Cosette gives purpose for Valjean’s life, but I wouldn’t always say their…

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  • Old Man And The Sea Sacrifice

    An individual who finds the strength to make a sacrifice does so in order to allow themselves or others to move forth on their journey and for this many would label them a hero. The use of sacrifice in ‘Les Miserable’ that will be explored to exemplify this is that of Fantine’s prostitution. Fantine sacrifices her body and to some extent her soul in order to provide for her daughter. On the ship where Fantine has just finished being intimate with a man the camera is at a mid shot at eye level,…

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  • Archetypes And Redemption

    Archetypes and symbols are often used in writing to help express the theme, mood or atmosphere of a story. Shapes, colors and familiar symbols are used to make scenes more relatable as well as more meaningful. These images are intended to spark emotion within the reader and often times, evoke a spiritual relation. In the novel Les Miserables, Victor Hugo develops the theme of redemption through the use of archetypes and symbolism. Jean Valjean, a former convict, is struggling to redeem himself…

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  • Marius And Cosette's Love

    Marius is childlike in his pursuit for Cosette’s love because he does not know her and does not think of who will be affected by their relationship. In the film Les Miserables, there’s a scene where Marius and Cosette sing a song called “Heart Full of Love.” In this songs Marius sings “A heart full of love / A heart full of song / I'm doing / everything all wrong / Oh God, for shame / I do not even know your name / Dear Madamoiselle / Won't you say? / Will you tell?” ("Les Miserables Cast…

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  • Inspector Javert Essay

    An evil villain set on destruction. This is used to describe many antagonists; however, there is just one problem, no one can be a single-minded villain. They are just people and many may not be all that bad. From the opening pages of the book and the musical, Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, the readers are introduced to Inspector Javert. He is portrayed as the antagonist for setting forth the law on a seeming less never ending pursuit of Jean Valjean. However, he is not the guy everyone makes…

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  • How Does Jean Valjeans Change

    so drastically. It is evident that the Bishop did have a major role to play in Jean Valjeans change as he began the process. Which is easily seen in the movie “Les Miserables” that we watched as seen in the quote “But remember this, my brother. See in this some higher plan. You must use this precious silver to become an honest man. By the witness of the martyrs, by the passion and the blood, God has brought…

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