How Does Gang Violence Affect Society

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A boy walks down the street, talking with his friends, thinking about what he is going to have for supper. Shots ring out and he suddenly falls to the ground. His friends look down at his suddenly still, lifeless body. He was the victim of a gang shooting. Even though he was a young, innocent boy, gang violence ended his life. Gang violence can affect even the most unexpected of people. Every year, over 2,000 gang-related homicides occur (“National”). By noticing how gang violence has changed American society, one can clearly observe the effects of gang affiliation on everyday human interaction.
Gangs have existed for many years all over the World. Gangs are generally as groups of people who partake in criminal activities. In the 1700 and 1800
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To them, the gang life shows much appeal. Gangs provide something that most humans have a desire for, and that is a sense of belonging. Many gangs are found in broken down, poverty-stricken neighborhoods. Split families are common in these places, and because of those reasons, kids try to find a substitute for their absent parents (Decker and Curry). Men are more commonly the ones joining gangs, but women membership is increasing (Hawley). When these young teens, usually boys, see their peers and elders doing something, they want to emulate it. In this case, if a young boy admires someone, and that someone is involved in a gang, that boy might want to join too so he can follow in the peer 's footsteps (Schou). Some kids join gangs as a form of protection; as a way to be protected from bullying. Being in a gang can also provide a status for kids.Similar to a lunch table at a school, they are identified as one of those people, and people will not harass them. A "neutron", in gang terminology is a person who associates themselves with a gang, but is not considered a fully integrated member. Before they can become a fully-fledged member of the gang, they have to be initiated. Jorge, a young high school student in Chicago, states what he must go through before he can join the Latin Kings. “You have to get beat up.” Jorge said. “And then they 'll introduce you to the leader, the one that is commanding the branch, and then after that you 'll turn [King].” That type of initiation is common. Protection is not the only reason people join gangs. They can also provide opportunities for people who are lacking a purpose in life (Irei). Gangs provide an escape from the poverty, unemployment, and the loneliness of life for adults as well (Schou). Greed is a significant motivator for most people to join a gang, since jobs and money can also come with gang membership. A

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