Why Teens Become Gangs In Louisville

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Gangs in Louisville, KY and how to Stop Them.
This is the issue we are having on our fair city. There have been some incidents in downtown Louisville involving flash mobs of teens aged from 13 to 19 years. Assaulting persons and robbing them. Some stores are also being robbed and vandalized. These incidents have also resulted in some bad publicity that could result in loss of revenue to local business people and hurt the city’s reputation as a safe and attractive tourist destination. Local residents are also worried and feel less safe in the downtown business and dining district. This only a temporary fix. Implement undercover paroles, added marked parole cars, bicycle, motorcycle, horse, and foot paroles will be mandated to the downtown area.
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Teens join gangs normally to be a part of something to fill a void maybe they do not fit in at school or get pick on at school. There are many questions with no answers when it comes to this most teens now do not know how to talk to grown-ups or even ask for help. Some teens are scared if they do ask for help it will only get worse. Most parents do not even know how to be parents they had their children when they were only children their self’s there are many things to take in to consideration. Many parents are too busy with work or trying to build a future for their teen and leave the teen alone after school forgetting that they still need guidance to help make good decisions. Many teens feel lost when parents are working all the time some join gangs for recognition that they do not get at school or at home in the family. Being part of a gang allows the teen to receive some kind of recognition that they do not receive outside the gang or affiliation that is much needed by most human beings the sense of belonging or being needed whatever the case maybe. The teen may be growing up in a neighborhood that has some gangs in it they feel they need protection from other gangs in the area. Most youths do not realize the hazards associated with gangs. In many cases, parents are unaware of their children’s gang activity and are unable to intervene until the police come knocking on the door (Howell, & Moore, 2010). How do we stop these actions of …show more content…
One is we start community centers in the high crime areas which some we already have in many areas. Survey the high school kids them self to find out what they are interested in implement main interest at the centers instead of put what we think we need their as the most adults have no clue what the next generation is interested in.as a community can peak their interest from criminal behavior and show them there are other ways and we establish good community ties as law enforcement officers can deter most criminal behavior in teenage generation early prevention is the key to changing criminal behavior. Also, as the community schools are another good place to start implements plans of our type of recruitments like AROTC. The format of police training as early as middle school this will add better stricter to the school and help develop the minds of young people. Therefore approaching prevention of gangs is the key to stopping them from criminal

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