Why Teenagers Join Gangs Essay

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Teens join gangs for a variety reasons from families, schools, friends, to what city they live in. Gangs are everywhere, even some of the nicest cities. Peer pressure, family, protection, and boredom are the main reasons I noticed that teens join gangs. In reflecting upon my own adolescence and witnessing teens joining gangs, I believe that all these reasons are closely associated. It seems as though gangs have no boundaries it affects the poor and the rich, small towns, suburbia, and some of the wealthiest cities. Gang members prey on teens that have broken or dysfunctional families. Although dysfunctional families can be big reasons teens join gangs, some families really try to keep their kids out of gangs and they just can’t stop them. Teenagers with dysfunctional families are looking for the sense of belonging and comfort. Some teens were raised in gangs, a brother, sister, aunt, or uncle was in a gang and that is all they know. They might feel a sense of pride for carrying on a legacy. Teens that feel lost, vulnerable, or distant from family and school may turn to gangs to find that sense of control and safety. Having a relative that was murdered by a rival gang can also be why a teen joins, for revenge. Intimidation, begging, threats, harassment, and bullying are big reasons too! …show more content…
Youth that don’t participate at school, afterschool activities, sports, etc. are more likely to join gangs. Being bored or having nowhere to hang out gives teens a lot of free time. Gangs usually throw massive parties with drugs, drinking, and violence, giving youth something to do. A teen having a hard time or not understanding school is the number one reason that teens start getting into trouble. A lack of understanding makes students feel inferior and that makes some teens hate school. Some music artist such as Tupac, Snoop Dogg, and Chief Keef all rap about the highlights of gangs. They never rap about how much trouble it is to

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