Air Pollution In Greater Los Angeles Area

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Air pollution has become a major problem in the Greater Los Angeles Area. The air quality has become so terrible here that Los Angeles is leading the United States in the worst air quality. To illustrate this, Imam from CNN has stated that “Los Angeles [is] coming in at No. 1 for ozone pollution” (Imam, April 2016). This allows a striking comparison to others cities. However, ozone pollution is only one of several things that can make up air pollution. Pollution control authorities in my community help keep track of this one and others to help measure the full scope. Consequently, just because we’re the worst in the nation does not mean there aren’t things people can do to improve.
Before someone could know what to do about air pollution
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First, utilizing alternate forms of transportation. Riding my bicycle places or even the train could help reduce my impact. Los Angeles typically has fantastic weather with little rain, so why the city is taking so long to implement good bicycle paths is beyond me. This brings me my second point, advocating. Calling city representatives, volunteer, and campaigning for people that support this initiatives can have a big impact. Having used to work in the political realm I’ve learned often times you just need to show up to make a difference. For example, there are plenty of cities that have citizen committees that have no members. Joining a committee can give representatives insights to the needs of her people. Last, working toward an emission free lifestyle is an interest of mine that would help as well. This would include purchasing an electric car and solar panels to charge the car making the total output of emissions zero minus the emissions to produce them. Also using programming skills to improve devices like FarmBot, a machine that helps you grow food in your backyard, could reduce the need to drive and transport food such as vegetables since I could just walk to my backyard and pick fresh

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