The Importance Of Environmental Crisis

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Imagine the following disasters: Drought causing water shortages; Flood engulfing a whole city; Destruction left after a hurricane’s wake; Climate change due to carbon emissions; land restructuring due to rising sea level - hence, Hawaii. In a time of environmental crisis, how do we live right now? I do not have a concrete plan on how I will live within the time of environmental crisis, but I will explore my options and opinions on the matter.
From acquired information, through media, articles, discussions, we are at a point in time where a crisis may happen more often than before, based on recordings of past disasters. As we are currently in an on-going crisis, climate change, there are not many things I can change to help dramatically in
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Sure, I can make or purchase it fresh, but I will have to accommodate time to prepare it - or wait in some line versus conveniently purchasing bread that’s made with preservation in mind and having it ready within arm’s reach. The more I explore about bread, the more I believe my viewpoint is construed. I am probably just ill informed on how I can preserve fresh bread and believe in the importance of convenience instead of finding an alternative. This may be the issue I have to look into, as it stems towards my daily life decisions.
Besides food, there are little changes I can immediately do that are not already towards being environmentally friendly. I am already utilizing more efficient lights, washer, dryer, fridge, microwave and other convenient home products. Also, I have changed how I usually choose my activities, towards being more aware for which activity is equally fun while not contributing to environmental issues. For example, from having a BBQ in the park to just strolling through the park, since the BBQ has a potential to create
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Cars are probably the highest contributor overall towards climate issues. Since the production phase and continuous usage releases emissions into the environment that is harmful to everything. But, to change every vehicle out immediately may be an issue in of itself, since it requires everyone to purchase a new vehicle. That is something I can work towards myself, although not immediately, as I do not have the funds available. But, without some sort of government intervention to assist with the cost and a law to force everything to replace their current vehicle, I don’t see an immediate change that would occur in this section. I do partake in utilizing public transportation more often than before, but to drastically change the situation requires everyone to change out his or her vehicle to an electric vehicle. As an electric car has less ongoing emissions, if any, besides the production phase. The city may put out more public transportation that are environmental friendly, but at the moment, they are not convenient enough since it doesn’t take us close enough to where we need to be without spending at least double to triple the amount of time we would need if we had traveled in a car

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