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  • Gang Violence In Prison

    Prison violence has become seen more often than it was in the past. The inmates have formed gangs and use this as a means to target others without taking all the blame on their own. Each individual shares the blame for being involved in crimes that not only cause harm to others but can sometimes lead to death. When accused of committing a crime based on a gang activity that occurred within the prison, each inmate accused is punished. Not one is allowed to get away from what they’ve done. When in prison, anything can happen to an individual. There can be assault, murder, or rape. By committing one crime that leads to prison the individual allows themselves to become a target for either assault, rape, or murder. Because the inmates are incapable…

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  • Prison Gangs In Prison Case Study

    the challenges that prison gangs face are confrontations against other group of gangs who are ready to fight, stab, and even beat you to death. Many prisoners believe that joining a gang will protect them from any harm and dangers they are vulnerable to facing in a prison. Most of the gang members have a tattoo symbol on their body, which represents their group. Gangs always hang out with their partners or other ‘teammates’; they feel like being in groups is the safest way to hang out in order…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Prison Gangs

    Violent gangs for years have established their power inside the United States federal and state prison systems, and have developed into organized crime syndicates who control rackets inside and outside of prisons. These gangs pose a major threat to the prison system and have become a difficult task to control or disassemble. Gangs across the United States represent different things but each are just as dangerous as the next. In most prisons it is easy to recognize which gang an inmate is…

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  • Essay On Prison Gangs

    4.1 Prison Gangs There is a challenge in the control and management of facilities where prison gangs operate. According to Sharon, prison gangs are groups of criminals that operate inside the prison system. Also, prison gangs are capable of perpetuating their criminal activities outside the confines of the prison. They normally act as a link between drug traffickers and street gangs. The membership to a prison gang is normally restrictive. Therefore, an oath to commit to the gang is taken…

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  • Gangs In Prison Research Paper

    Gangs in North Carolina Prisons, and How Gangs Communicate with the Outside World Gangs are undoubtedly one of the largest problems that the Department of Corrections faces daily. According to David Starbek prison gang is defined as: “an inmate organization that operates within a prison system, that has a corporate entity, exists into perpetuity, and whose membership is restrictive, mutually exclusive, and often requires a lifetime commitment”(Starbek). A person who was in a gang before…

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  • Prison Gangs: A Case Study

    It is evident, that prison gangs are tied to the street gang. And there are also some examples about the gang operated from the prisons (Gang Disciples), which explain the strong influence of the prison gangs on their little brother street gangs. What I found interesting that once incarcerated the member of the gang doesn 't stop or suspends his activity, in contrary of what I was used to thinking before, their gang career continues during the detention and even might be more prominent than…

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  • Prison Vs Street Gangs

    distressed kids commonly develop or join violent street gangs that involve other young teens that share similar issues and interests. Prison and street gangs have damaged the face of America and embedded a sense of fear in the citizens that neighbor them. Not only does this gang violence torment our public’s image and places of incarceration, but they also destroy their own members’ present and future lives. A common way for gang members make a name for themselves, within their group, is by…

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  • The Importance Of Gang Life In Prisons

    Douglas J. Pettiford Stanley “Tookie” Williams CRIMINOLOGY July, 6 2015 The life of a gang member is a harsh one that often leads to imprisonment or death. Many who embrace gang life do so to fill emptiness or void in their life. Gang leadership frequently offers to fill that void, under the pretense of fellowship and family. Those who do accept the call gain a sense of power and belonging. The life of most in gangs follow a path that is riddles with violence, crime, mistakes…

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  • Security Threat Group Essay

    Security Threat Groups, also referred to as gangs are either an formal or informal group of prison inmates who set up either by race or by their beliefs. The evolution of gangs have developed a threat to the safety of prison officials and other inmates. Some of the major security threat groups include the Aryan Brotherhood, The Klu Klux Klan, The Folks, The Nation of Islam, and MS13. Groups within the correctional facilities are categorized as STGs depending upon parameters such as gang history,…

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  • Culture And Interpersonal Communication In The Movie Blood In Blood Out

    encountered between each other and with others. Cruz turns to drugs, Paco becomes a detective, and Miclo goes to prison. There are many different forms of communication and relationships between the characters, and there is also a great amount of conflict, which is why I chose this movie. Chapter two in the book discusses culture and interpersonal communication. There are many different types of culture that is…

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