Prison Gangs Case Study

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It is evident, that prison gangs are tied to the street gang. And there are also some examples about the gang operated from the prisons (Gang Disciples), which explain the strong influence of the prison gangs on their little brother street gangs.

What I found interesting that once incarcerated the member of the gang doesn 't stop or suspends his activity, in contrary of what I was used to thinking before, their gang career continues during the detention and even might be more prominent than during his free time. As admitted by the researcher 's “Gangs have established a serious presence within prisons across the United States, and because of this the social structure is now changing.” (Kaminski, 2014, p.84)
Also a significant prevalence
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(Dowdney, 2003; Hagedorn, 2005). This is the case for the most notable gangs, such as Latin Kings, and its CEO, Augustin Zambrano, who was convicted for 60 years in prison in 2012. (Chicago Cbslocal, 2012). Gang Disciples leader, Larry Hoover, is also known to successfully operate his gang from his detention. Those two are the most notable examples, but there are many more others as well.

There is also the other finding, related to this study, the fact that of the gangs were first created in prison, and only after went to spread their influence on the street. (Hayden, 2004). Those gangs which were created in prison are many and here are some of the examples: « the Mexican Mafia, Neta, Aryan Brotherhood, Black Guerrilla Family, La Nuestra Familia and the Texas Syndicate. » ( Carlie, 2002).

Now, if we will try to explain the crime decline and the decrease in recidivism, we will need to address the others type of researchers. As, stated previously, the alternative methods of sentencing are often per the explanation why the was such a significant reduction in crime, violence, and sentencing. Those alternative methods have been resumed “that expediting prisoners’ release from prison has no or a minimal impact on recidivism rates. This pattern has been true among federal prisoners whose sentences were shortened.”
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The point is that the gang 's activities, operated from prison have gained such an important influence on the street gang overall activities, that there is no particular difference will the gang be operated from the prison or outside of it. The other, explanation, I found particularly important, is the time. Being incarcerated is depend entirely on a time, which was signed by a judge. Which mean if the gang member or leader, or even if the person had no previous records related to the engagement in gang, but only adhered the gang during their stay in prison, in all those cases, the time which each person need to serve in prison may explain their criminal engagement and future, after the release, the future recidivism outcome. Because, being closed signify, having much more free time. For an ordinary people it may be resulted in a desire to take classes from the prison, to acquire the Master diploma in CJ for example, or in law ( ex: the case of Russian thief in law, Babushkin, aka Brilliant) who studied law, and commanded his books from the library of the Quen of England, famous bloody- runner, Pistorius also promised to study law, and to became his own defence, during his sentences for the murder of

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