Reformed Gang Members Effects On Society

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The Effect of Reformed Gang Members on Society
It’s a known fact most gang members have a negative impacted on the world around them in today’s society. However, did you know 15 percent do reform and try to help others not be in gang members? Many reformed gang members work as volunteers to counsel young people, and go to hospitals after violated shootings to counsel people on trying to stop the violence. Even with the right to change most people judge them once they find out their back ground and see their tattoos. Therefore, possibly forcing young gang members that are weak minded to go back to the gang life. Many gang members struggle to reform, as they suffer from employment, legal and psychological issues.
Many of the social issues that
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The problem for some is police harassment because of their history. Many times, if a former gang member does find a job and some officers of the law find out the officers feel it’s their obligation to check on the ex-gang member while at work costing them their job by question them at their place of employment. Many officers don’t know if this happens they can be processed themselves for ethical violations on less they are their probation officer. This is an ethical issue or bad judgment call on law enforcement (personal communication, August 20, 2014). Some officers even question them as their walking down the street doing nothing because, of their afflation with gangs. This does cause even more issues because, some officers feel it is their duty to find a reason to send a gang member back to jail, especially if the officer has background with ex-gang members. Some law-enforcement officer believe that many ex-cons or gang members maintain criminal ties no matter what good their doing this also is an ethical issue on their part (personal communication, August 20, 2014). Many times this causes the reformed gang member to move away from their support system or family that would help them in their reform. With all these things going on, it can cause psychological issues for someone trying to do the right thing …show more content…
New Hampshire Jim Reams said. “The assumption is that these are all choir boys at the prison and if we let them out, all will be well. And it doesn 't work that way," Reams said. "We 're getting exactly what we deserve when we do this — we 're getting more crime" (Bluestein, 2011).Then the ex-gang members may also influence the young people they talk to into a life of crime if they become case workers according to Victor Gonzalez Houston mayor’s anti-gang office” (Petersilia, 2000). Much of this is true; however, don’t people need a second chance or maybe a third in some cases look at Eliseo Nunez a reformed gang member that won an honor for being a national corps member in the national association for conservation. Eliseo Nunez was also valedictorian of his class and got a college scholarship. How about Natividad Mendoza an ex-gang member that founder of Gangs to Jobs he’s was in the finalist in the Epoch Awards, a national ceremony celebrating “unsung “heroes and there are many others that have made the news that have changed and toke measures to help the youth and neighborhood of this nation. Here’s a few more to prove a point Clifton McFowler reformed Cicero Undertaker Vice Lords, helps rebuild his neighborhood, Frank William Abagnale former Mafia member, Kweisi Mfume had several

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