Youth Gangs Research Paper

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Youth Gangs: They Need Our Help

Tekya Morman

CJC-113 Juvenile Justice

James Crawford

Fall 2015


There are several factors that play into youths joining gangs. These factors are a big deal and can easily be fixed to lower the youth gang rate. For my research paper I will be writing about youth gangs and how factors in a childs life pertains to why they join gangs. I will research why youths get involved with gangs and how it affects the communities. I will explain what types of gangs are out there and what kids get involved in what gang. I will also explain what a gang is and how to know if someone is gang affiliated. I will also research in ways we can come together to put a stop to youth gangs. I will compare the lifestyles of
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There are several different kinds of gangs. They are social gangs, party gangs, serious delinquent gangs, and organized gangs. The social gang is basically where there is little use of drugs and alcohol and few activities of delinquency. In a social gang it 's all about the social opportunity. A party gang is a gang where it is mostly about drug use. Not much delinquent behavior is involved. A serious delinquent gang is one that involves most delinquent behavior. The last is a organized gang. This gang is probably the worst. This is probably the gang you hear about the most. This gang is involved in serious criminal acts and drugs are used as a basis for territory. Most of the time you will know a gang when you see one. A lot of times they wear the same color. For example, they may have a colored coordinated flag. Other people may already know they are apart of a gang. The group is involved in a very big amount of crime. (Siegel and Welsh pg. 215, 221,222) Sometimes gangs aren 't as easy to know about as you think. At the end of the day, gangs are scary and need to be stopped. Or else you or someone you love could be a victim to this horrible situation. Kids need to be taught to keep away from gangs and drugs and violence. They also need to be loved and supported and felt safe …show more content…
Obviously the police department and detective units are taking steps to help control gangs. "The Chicago Police Department 's gang crime section maintains intelligence on gang problems and trains its more than 400 officers to deal with gang problems." (Siegel and Welsh pg. 235) With the help of police departments and other outside sources we can really make a change and get these gangs off the streets. Some programs that are supplied are like recreation areas, like gyms or clubs that are supervised are offered for kids. This is a great thing because it gets kids out and talking and engaging in a positive way. Another great program that helps prevent gang activity is the program G.R.E.A.T which stands for Gang Resistance Education and Training. This program is described as a gang and violence prevention program. It is built around the school system. It involves police officers coming in to a classroom like situation and teaching how to prevent youth violence and gang membership. (Siegel and Welsh pg. 237) These are just some of the many programs that are being pursued. These programs are making changes in the world and should be continued until gang membership is no more, in regular adult gangs and in youth

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