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  • Role Of Criminal Justice In Tv Drama

    comedy-drama television series. It tells a story about the life, struggle and experience of Piper Chapman in a female prison. The first episode “I Wasn’t Ready” explains why Piper is sentenced to prison and describes her beginning days in there. About ten years ago, Piper helped her girlfriend, Alex, to transport a luggage of drug money. Ten year passed, in her thirties, when she and her fiancé, Larry, is being happy together, her past crime catches her up. Then, she decides to self-surrender. She is charged for fifteen months in prison. Piper and Larry promise that they will wait for each other. Before Piper enters the prison, her body is checked…

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  • Female Prisons Film Analysis

    field corrections are portrayed. You also see how female prisons function and the culture within the cells that makes it different from male prisons. Furthermore, through Robert Hansers book on corrections we see the aspects of confinement that are unique in female inmates, particularly regarding issues with female prisoners being mothers. In the film, you see the incapacitation theory used as punishment when inmates behave out of order. Incapacitation deprives offenders of their liberty and…

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  • Private And Open In Alison's Tragi-Comic Fun Home

    As children we are dominated by our uncontrollable desires, we lead a life determined by the id until we are assimilated into the surrounding world. Then this world, the environment surrounding a child, defines the code by which that person will live their life by. The concept of private and open is created, and as the world expands outside of the confines of the routines of an adolescent, the person begins to categorize what is assigned to the interior of their house and what is acceptable for…

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  • Comparing The Compson Family In The Sound And The Fury

    In the The Sound and the Fury, each member of the Compson family has polarizing character traits that contribute to the family dysfunction. Quentin (III), the eldest child of Mrs. Caroline Compson and Mr. Jason, is highly sensitive and the most intelligent member of the family. A overarching theme in the novel is the desire and the attempt to control the uncontrollable, especially with men trying to control the sexuality of a woman. The topic of this novel is Caddy’s sexuality and each of the…

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  • Sexuality And Homophobia Essay

    Sexuality and Homophobia “Come on, let’s go play house!” I heard this statement so many times as a child. The only thing is, I grew up in a neighbor that was mainly girls at the time, so when we would play “house”, pretending to have our own family consisting of a mother, father (although there usually wasn’t a male around), and a child; it got really awkward. Most of us grew out of it and promised to never speak of that phase again. However, some of us grew up and became extremely cautious…

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  • Sexualization In Modern Media

    It is not unusual to have scantily clad human beings, hidden-but-still-obvious sexual messages, or even a human in the bare flesh presented in modern media. Sexualization can be simply defined as the sexualizing of an object – or making something sexually appealing. This current wave of sexualization in common media has led to some very mixed responses. There is the business side of things that sees a marketing technique that successfully catches attention – and, of course, there are the people…

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  • Overpopulated Prisons

    advised during the start of the show. A more common and perhaps funny side of sexuality is portrayed in minute 46 of the first episode. After Chapman walks out of Joe Caputo’s office, we see him put a container of what is presumably lotion or hand wash on the table. The camera…

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  • Sex Advertisement Analysis

    Sexuality has been exploited by the advertisers for many years – particularly in merchandising. The trend to use the sex appeal to sell the products first started in 1900s and has kept on increasing. An advertisement may be defined as a message whose main aim is to persuade the potential customers to purchase the products of a particular company. The advertisement can be either printed in the newspapers and magazines, broadcasted through the radio and television or using other means to reach its…

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  • Antifeminist Theory Of Patriarchy

    1. Introduction Issues of evolution and gender were popularized through the nineteenth-century feminists, followed by the debate of “women question”: what roles should women be afforded in Anglo-American society? (Montgomery 2012). Darwin’s Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation (1871) was significantly influenced by the social discussion on evolution and gender in the Age of Victoria, and the theory of sexual selection originated from the book is widely employed by both antifeminists and…

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  • Female Sexuality In James M. Cain's Mildred Pierce

    Female sexuality has often been a topic of immorality in hardboiled novels. However, in James M. Cain’s Mildred Pierce, female sexuality is a means to get to the top. In order to please her intransigent daughter, the protagonist of the novel decided to put her aptitude for cooking to good use and open up a restaurant. One restaurant turns to three, and it seems that Mildred’s success knows no bounds. All of this occurs, of course, due to Mildred’s tenacity and perseverance, but also because she…

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