Sex Advertisement Analysis

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Sexuality has been exploited by the advertisers for many years – particularly in merchandising. The trend to use the sex appeal to sell the products first started in 1900s and has kept on increasing. An advertisement may be defined as a message whose main aim is to persuade the potential customers to purchase the products of a particular company. The advertisement can be either printed in the newspapers and magazines, broadcasted through the radio and television or using other means to reach its intended customers.
The media is a very powerful tool for the advertisers. Media helps the customers to remain aware about the latest events in the world, expectations of the society and the morality of the public. Media develops a vision in the minds
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Business houses have started exploiting sex as a tool to rev up their revenues. The media validates the issue that in …show more content…
The advertisement uses the snob-appeal as a persuasive technique. This ad persuades the young people to buy their jeans which would enhance their sex appeal. Though there are many sexual ads today in the market but certain ads have a ‘shock’ factor which keeps them etched into the minds of the customers. This ad is particularly memorable because it shows a completely nude women sitting on a leather chair and the jeans have been pulled down below her knees. The expressions on her face show the intensity of the moment and try to convey the message the pleasure that the person will get wearing those jeans. This also shows that to look beautiful a person has to have a perfect body shape. The advertisers and the designers of the ads are very well understands the ways to target the specific audience. This kind of an ad can stop people for a moment and will lead them to think about the women. These kind of ads are designed to lure young men and women such that if they buy these jeans they can also look sexy and beautiful. the racy nature of this ad suggest that by wearing the jeans of Denim X Alexander Wang, they will also be able to achieve the same level of sex appeal as that of the model. This is to make the viewers see themselves in the place of the model and feel sexy and desired similar to the model in the

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