Private And Open In Alison's Tragi-Comic Fun Home

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As children we are dominated by our uncontrollable desires, we lead a life determined by the id until we are assimilated into the surrounding world. Then this world, the environment surrounding a child, defines the code by which that person will live their life by. The concept of private and open is created, and as the world expands outside of the confines of the routines of an adolescent, the person begins to categorize what is assigned to the interior of their house and what is acceptable for external presentation. As a child grows, they discover things that are now even more limited. As sexuality develops an interior within the human develops, and private is a bodily thing, limited to the intellect and figure of that person. Now, after this lengthy introduction, comes the presentation of the true topic of this …show more content…
However, the support Alison was able to develop on her own, and receive from her extremely liberal college allowed her to lead a life where she found a happy balance between the two restrictive socially imposed regulations on life. However, her father, because he never found a balance, he either was shamelessly and destructively indulging his desires, or aggressively repressing them, was lead to his death. He couldn’t grow out of the world he surrounded himself by as a youth, he kept it with him by having this “conventional” American family, or really just something that appeared publically to be normal. The worlds we create as children are the basis for the lives we will grow into, however they are not immovable, and for happiness to be acquired they must be adjusted for our constantly developing lives. Alison adjusted her world, she determined her own rules for what she wants to be private and for what she wants to be public. She managed to grow out of her father’s world, something he wasn’t able to accomplish until

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