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  • The Pros And Cons Of Prison Gangs

    Violent gangs for years have established their power inside the United States federal and state prison systems, and have developed into organized crime syndicates who control rackets inside and outside of prisons. These gangs pose a major threat to the prison system and have become a difficult task to control or disassemble. Gangs across the United States represent different things but each are just as dangerous as the next. In most prisons it is easy to recognize which gang an inmate is associated with by the symbols they wear or have tattooed on them but often gangs have become more careful not sure put a spotlight on themselves. In the Bureau of Prisons joining a gang is not a condition within the prisons, but still a lot of inmates take advantage of the benefits a prison gang offers. Gangs have evolved in the Prison system for a number of reasons but the most common would be for protection and control (Valdez). Many inmates have a desire to be respected by other inmates and some inmates join gangs just to be part of something and feel like they are in a higher authority position. Inmates that join a prison gang may think that there are benefits to joining a gang. For them,…

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  • Comfort Theory: The Concepts Of Comfort Theory

    Comfort Theory, developed by Katharine Kolcaba, proclaims that providing comfort interventions a holistic approach can lead to positive outcomes, health seeking behaviors, and improved health-care delivery system. Comfort can be difficult to define and subjective to every person. However, Kolbaca used other theories to propose three types of comfort: relief, ease, and transcendence. Relief comes when a specific comfort is met, while ease is a state of calm or contentment. Transcendence occurs…

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  • Comparison Of A Manufacturing Model Of Dell's Business Model

    Dell computers have been in business for a very long time. They have created a product that is loved by many of its millions of customers. Many individuals and companies have these own one of these wonderful computers. This paper will be about their business model and how it relates to that of a manufacturing model. Dells business model is built on integrity and they believe in following the law. They believe that following the law is important to being successful in any business endeavor. Each…

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  • Is Texas Usa Molly Ivins Analysis

    “Is Texas America?” states various points in her essay about Texas politics, demographics, geography, and education. The “Is Texas America?” essay is according to the author’s perspective about Texas. There are various statements within Ivins’s essay that are supporting and contradictory to the modern-day Texas. The reason there is a difference in the number of supporting and contradicting statements about Texas within Ivins’s essay is because Texas is changing over time where the contradicting…

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  • Importance Of The Texas Constitution

    change Texas back to its old values. Without doing this the congress and Texans were afraid they would not be able to maintain their tradition. Some of the values were, independence, small government, less taxes, and localized school systems. The representatives and delegates wanted to create these values through a new constitution. The laws and values of the Constitution of 1876 are still in Texas today. Texas is still a strong conservative state whose values have still remained the same. The…

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  • Liquefied Natural Gas Case Analysis

    As of 2013, various Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) companies have applied to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to establish an LNG refinery and export center in Brownsville, Texas. Throughout the process, several citizens – as well as business entities and city councils, have voiced their opposition or support of the facility. Statement of the Problem Inadequate representation The FERC is responsible for providing public hearing meeting for each new facility application received,…

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  • What Is The Theme Of Symbolism In Meridian By Alice Walker

    The years from 1954 to 1974 in the Americas were part of an era of change and action in many parts of American society. These years would go down in history as the one of the most dynamic in American history. It was a time of empowerment, breaking down of social barriers, and many more topics, which authors such as Alice Walker discussed as major parts of their works. In her novel Meridian, Walker criticizes society’s expectations of woman’s roles, showing support of individuality and…

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  • Short Story: Rock Springs, By Richard Ford

    Rock Springs, a short story by Richard Ford, tells a story of an unorthodox family travelling for unusual purposes. The story is told through the perspective of Earl, a morally ambiguous, yet endearing character who has to juggle fleeing authorities by stealing cars with providing a better future for his girlfriend, and two children. As a result, Earl’s character is an enigma; on the exterior, he resembles an ordinary father figure charged with protecting his family, but elements of his criminal…

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  • Diversity In Texas

    southern states of Texas. Texas has long since been a state known for its diversity,…

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  • The US Mexico: A Narrative Analysis

    where Texans outnumbered Tejanos, do to this situation, the United Statesians decided to offer them a stability if they joined their nation. Texan saw this as a great opportunity to officially separate themselves from Mexico. Manifest Destany contributed to the annexation and now Texas was part of the U.S. The U.S was getting what getting what it wanted (expansion of the western frontier), while Mexico struggles to control its own land. The U.S now shared a Texan border with Mexico. Tensions…

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