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  • Cerebral Palsy

    in the posterior body of the corpus callosum thinning, the lateral ventricles becoming larger, and the lateral ventricular walls becoming irregular (Straub & Obrzut 2009). A second type of damage is bleeding of the brain caused by defective blood vessels; this is also known as intracranial hemorrhage (Straub & Obrzut 2009). In addition, cortical and subcortical damage along with multicystic encephalomalacia and other cortical lesions were found in patients with cerebral palsy (Bax, Tydeman, & Flodmark 2006). Lastly, the fourth type of damage to the brain is caused by asphyxia or lack of oxygen to the brain. Known as hypoxiischemic encephalopathy, asphyxia in infancy can wipe out tissue in the cerebral motor cortex, basal ganglia, or thalamus (Straub & Obrzut…

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  • Neuroanatomy Assignment

    function of the thalamus is relaying and integrating information to and from the cerebral cortex using the many nuclei that lie within it. [10] Another vital role of the thalamus is to maintain consciousness of the animal. [11] This would account for the reduced mental status of the Labrador in this case, as the fleshy matter was located here. The lateral geniculate nuclei (LGN) are ‘olive’ like in shape and are found either side in the posterior thalamus. They receive input via the optic…

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  • Localization Of Pain Essay

    ability to locate the issue in order to diagnose and subsequently treat it properly. Through research, this Brave New World can be brought to reality. Today, the world of medicine knows not the true pathway from the source of stimulus to the brain. The preliminary pathway has originally been described as follows: an impulse is sent from nerve cells in the skin, then passes to the lateral spinothalmic tract within the spinal cord; the impulse is then sent through to the medulla oblongata - a…

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  • Scholapedia's, I Am Thalamus?

    I am Thalamus according Scholapedia, am a small part of the brain located between in the middle and the center of the brain and I’m connected to the cerebral cortex and the midbrain thru nerves. I have many functions, but my main function is to regulate the voluntary motor control, the consciousness whether a person is asleep or awake (the sleep cycle), sight, sound, taste, and touch. I’m composed of 3 different groups of cells; the sensory relay cell or nuclei which receive sensation or…

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  • Essay On The Limbic System

    The Limbic system is a critical part in the brain that makes a human feel emotions. It links us to a primitive state and higher thinking. The Limbic system is composed of numerous structures within the brain. There is not a certain structure that is defined as the Limbic system. The Thalamus, Hypothalamus, Amygdala, the Hippocampus, and the cingulate cortex are the framework for the limbic system. Its location is in the Forebrain and the Midbrain just under the cerebrum. All the structures work…

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  • Self Awareness Research Paper

    Many patients who have Alzheimer’s and dementia exhibit a lack of self-awareness about the decrease of their functioning levels. This impaired self-awareness is termed “anosognosia” (Prigatano, 2009). The inability to be able to assess one’s functioning is a profound loss, as these individuals are unable to select activities and tasks that are appropriate for their level of functioning. One study found that over-estimating overall functioning was correlated with atrophy of the bilateral right…

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  • The Human Brain: The Four Parts Of The Human Body

    The human brain is very fascinating. It has many parts and functions, which help us in our daily lives. The brain is one of the most important things we humans have. The human brain has four parts: Hindbrain, Midbrain, Forebrain, and Cerebral Cortex. With each part comes its functions. For hindbrain the parts are medulla, cerebellum, and pons. For forebrain the functions are the limbic system, thalamus, hypothalamus, basal ganglia, and cerebral cortex. And last the cerebral cortex, the sections…

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  • Illusions In The Fall Of The House Of Usher

    When there is a stimulus, such as a sound or movement, your brain sends sensory data to the thalamus. The thalamus, not knowing if itś dangerous or not, sends the information to the amygdala. The amygdala receives the information and takes action to protect you, resulting in fight-or-flight. The long process transports the information from the stimulus to the thalamus. The thalamus then takes this information to the sensory cortex, where it is interpreted for meaning and the sensory cortex tries…

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  • Mad Cow Disease

    _____________ is a drug used for treatment of Epilepsy and Creutzfeldt Jakobs that block voltage-gated sodium channels and increase brain levels of GABA by inhibiting GABA degradative enzymes such as GABA transaminase. a. Bromocriptine b. Valproic acid c. Requip d. Mirapex 13. What is the difference between grand mal and petit mal seizures? a. In petit mal, excess firing only stays in the thalamus whereas in grand mal excess firing is in the thalamus and motor cortex b. In grand mal,…

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  • Characteristics Of Zombies

    The hypothalamus is located in the midbrain below the thalamus. It controls bodily maintenance activities such as eating and drinking. I believe that their hypothalamus is affected because they have an insatiable hunger for human flesh and not normal food and water. The thalamus is the “brain’s sensory switchboard, located on the top of the brainstem…” (pg.64) It helps control alertness and regulates sleep cycles. Zombies are alert and are able to sense when humans are near Yes, zombies are…

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