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  • Love For A Soulless Thing Is Not Love Analysis

    Book 8, Section 2 – “Love for a soulless thing is not called friendship, since there is no mutual loving, and you do not wish good to it. For it would presumably be ridiculous to wish good things to wine; the most you wish is its preservation so that you can have it. To a friend, however, it is said, you must wish goods for his own sake” (Aristotle, 426). Premise 1: Friendship requires mutual loving. Premise 2: Soulless things do not love. Premise 3: Friendship requires reciprocated wishing of good to the friend for the friend’s own sake. Premise 4: Any good wished towards a soulless thing is not for its own sake. Premise 5: Soulless things cannot wish good towards an individual, nor reciprocate goodwill. Premise 6: Friendship requires that both be aware of the reciprocation of goodwill. Premise 7: Soulless things cannot be aware of reciprocation of goodwill. Conclusion: Love for a soulless thing is not friendship. An issue that arises with this argument lies in Premise 4 and 5 - that an individual does not wish good things toward a thing for the thing’s own sake and that soulless things cannot wish good towards an individual. In Aristotle’s framework, he states that the end goal for any action is ultimately happiness. This is true regardless of what thing an action is done towards - be it a person, oneself or an inanimate thing. For this argument, I will obviously use the example of an inanimate thing. Each human usually has at least one skill or talent to which…

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  • Operation Breakfast Vietnam War

    The Southern forces were able to discover large caches of enemy weapons by mid-April 1970. The missions became further intensified on April 29th in Operation Toàn Thang 42. 8,700 Southern troops from the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN), with the aid of U.S. advisors, crossed into the Cambodian region known as "Parrot 's Beak", just 33 miles from Saigon. On May 12th 15,000 American and Southern troops invaded the Cambodian region known as "Fishhook" in Operation Toàn Thang 43, also…

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  • Sara Lee's Corporation Case Summary

    The best result of the PEST examination in the Sara lee’s organization would be if your organization can settle on the correct choices at the opportune time by investigating distinctive elements. Also PEST examination is it could help the Sara lee’s organization in anticipating the future by looking at the current time. finally, the most important thangs of PESTEL analysis is that will help the organization to be set up to handle future difficulties, additionally helps to highlight the open…

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  • Gorelephant Research Paper

    Daivez Bell & Taylor Jones The Brain Thang/ Gorelephant 10/5/16 Vocabulary Brain Size: The weight of the brain, compared to one another. Cerebrum:(incorporate the four lobes) most anterior part of the brain located in the frontal area of the skull consisting of two hemispheres, left and right, separated by a fissure. It is responsible the complex sensory and neural functions. Cerebellum:The part of the brain located behind the top of the brain stem and has 2 halves. It controls…

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  • Definition Essay: My Level Of Self-Esteem

    do I exist in this world? Does my existence even mean something? All these questions have been stuck in my head since I was Form 1 I guess but I still can't find the answer to it. Every day, I've been hoping to experience something to inspire myself to be someone I want to become but sadly I still can't find one. I tried multiple ways to discover myself like horoscope, online personality test, and even writing a diary but I don't know is this true? Is this who I really am? I guess maybe or maybe…

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  • Commercialization Of Hip Hop Culture

    It seems as if rap as a whole is falling towards the black hole of popular culture. Not to say that popular culture is all bad but all you ever see in gangsta rap videos now is money, cars, women and the commodities that only “they” have. The rapper Jermaine Dupris had a song with the name of “Money Ain’t a Thang,” and just the name says it all. Throughout the video there is a car chase and they are throwing money out of the car singing “ Money Ain’t a Thang.” This is only touching on how money…

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  • Hofstede: A Critical Analysis Of Learner Differences In Distance Education

    advantage. In the article on Learner Differences in Distance Learning of Dillon and Greene point out: Finding Differences built by Matter (2003) that pay attention should be considered changing the tutorial to suitable for the behaviours of the distance learners instead of focusing on changing the learning methods to gain the need of the guides. All participants have the prospective to get success no matter what kind of cultural background the learners are from. Their necessary skills and…

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  • Interrelationship With Mothers

    The rules for the car are no friends in the car, be home at eight o’clock, and nohanging out in the car after school. Mothers can take things to the max some rules areunderstandable, but most of the rules are like do she want us to have a social life as a choice tobeing anti-social. As a child yes, we bend and break certain rules like curfew and who we canallow in our car. However, our best friends do not enforce rules being there are not any ruleswith friends. As best friends, we know how each…

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  • Essay On Personal Worldview Inventory

    Merriam Webster Dictionary defines Spirituality as the quality or state of being concerned with religious matters. Everyone has a worldview which emerges from our environment and the people around us. God and ethics are the two determinants of my worldview, and they have shaped me to be what I am today. I was born and raised in a Christian family. My father was a Catechist and makes sure we attend church and receive the Holy Communion every Sunday. My strong Catholic foundation has drawn me…

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  • Black Urban Community

    towards important others in America (Bowen, Mancini & Martin, 2005). Throughout history African families mastered these talents and sustained its clan moreover up until European slavery efforts appeared. In America, with the influx of black crime, a strong hold to religion and the new uprising of drugs. Black urban families began to relate to the external world with a sense of sag and loss in responsibility in a type of post emancipation fear that crippled their self-worth. The…

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