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  • Safety Ring Persuasive Speech

    Hello. Now that Donald Trump is elected-president, some people are wearing safety pins for those who will be hurt under Donald Trumps rule. You wear the pin to make yourself feel less guilty because you think it’ll make a difference. I feel that the safety pin movement is an empty gesture because it doesn’t have any positive outcomes for the people who would be affected. Oluo argues about the white people expecting the pins to make a difference and she’s right because they are expecting it to make change instead of doing the change themselves. The pin is really small in size and none of the people you are wearing it for know the reason behind it. I think the safety pin is not a powerful statement because it doesn’t get any attention and it doesn’t give the people impacted any hope. When you wear a safety pin, it won’t come out with an outcome. The safety pin movement maybe popular for those who benefit from Trump becoming president, but it’s just about wearing a tiny safety pin. No other actions go into the movement, which makes people scared because there is nothing happening to help them. You wear the pin with pride, but you 're not helping anyone. Like said by Keelty, “long history of white people calling themselves allies while doing nothing to help.” tells us that while people say they are giving their support, but they don’t help to make any change. It’s not just the white people, it’s all the Trump supporters who use the pins to hide their guilt. Instead you can start…

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  • Organular Essay: Organza Fabric Characteristics

    and it has similar properties to organza. Nowadays, you can find all kinds of organza fabric, both natural and synthetic. An everybody’s favourite for evening and wedding gowns, this stiff material has a subtle sheen. What Is Organza Fabric Like? / Organza Fabric Characteristics Organza fabric has a stiff and wiry finish, because it is made with highly twisted filament yarns. It was brought to Europe from the East in the XVIII century and has been in fashion ever since. The most luxurious type…

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  • Post Project Process Analysis

    Under this type of project closure, the termination of project takes place when either the project has been completed successfully or it has accomplished all it goals and objectives therefore closed out or it is also possible that project has been failed totally therefore needed to be suspended (Darren, 2012). 2. Termination by Addition: The project is terminated by addition when the project is incorporated into the routine activities of organization. The project initiated to develop MIS and…

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  • The Symbols Of The Sweetest Woman In My Life

    Imagine the softest stuffed animal you have, and then imagine it being hand-sewn my the sweetest woman in your life, your grandmother. Back when I was 3 years old, my grandmother, Eleanor, sewed me a snowman and gave it to me as a Christmas present. When I opened the present, I immediately saw the pure white fabric, a bright orange nose, and two black buttons as eyes. Quickly after unwrapping the present, the snowman and I, whom I named Eugene, quickly became best friends. When I first received…

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  • Compare And Contrast Egyptian Cotton Vs Bamboo Sheets

    Egyptian Cotton vs. Bamboo Bed Sheets Egyptian cotton or bamboo bed sheets, which is better? On one hand, Egyptian cotton sheets are well established as the epitome of luxury while bamboo sheets are still fairly new to the world of bedding. On the other hand, bamboo sheets have some unique properties, giving it a competitive edge. So, when you’re shopping for a new set of sheets, should you opt for Egyptian cotton or bamboo? To answer this question, we’ve compared Egyptian cotton to bamboo…

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  • Kamal Limited Case Study

    Introduction to the organization: Kamal limited is one of the first and important textile manufacturing houses of Pakistan. Established I 1950 in Faisalabad, Kamal limited am rigid operation, with in-house spinning, weaving, processing, printing, finishing and stitching facilities. Kamal limited introduced their first national creativity with now methodically much-admired Kamal lawn by Elan, followed by Elan Lawn by Zara Shahjahan on 2013. This was followed by the introduction of SO KAMAL, their…

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  • Summary Of Women's Work By Elizabeth Wayland Barber

    Taking a Look Into the Past, Understanding it Now American author Elizabeth Wayland Barber, who is an expert on textiles, wrote the book Women’s Work: The First 20,000 Years: Women, Cloth, and Society in Early Times in 1994, which takes the reader into the world as it was many years ago. In doing so, it enlightens one on how and why the women created textiles and eventually advanced and created other things. Today people know the clothes worn were made and the blankets used were created, but do…

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  • Narrative Essay On Dance College

    “I have a dream to be a ballerina, mom! I would wear a tutu everyday! I look like a princess!” “You can’t be a ballerina, Naomi. They have a long straight legs. Unfortunately, you have inherited your father’s bowlegged, and you are also pigeon-toed.” This is my first time I felt frustration, and something bad feeling toward to my mom. I was a five years old. “Why she doesn’t encourage me? Why she doesn’t want me to challenge my dream before I start the training?” Actually, I just wanted wear a…

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  • Sustainability In The Textile Industry

    By being sustainable in the textile industry it does not just advance the textile industry exclusively but also impact sectors such as: Food sourcing for restaurants, energy utilization and the listing goes on. Sustainability is frequently illustrated or referred to as the process of reducing, recycling and reusing. Hence the fact that the textile industry form part of the largest industry in the world, therefore sustainability is exceedingly important for making differences not only…

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  • Chutki Work Embroidery Analysis

    shawls. Motifs used are Buffalo horn, Izhadvinpuguti, which is a motif named after their priest, mettvi kanpugur is a box. Sun, Moon, stars, flowers, snakes and rabbit are the other motifs. Ojha (2011) in a study on ‘Documentation and Contemporisation: Metal Embroidery of Rajasthan’ documented the metal embroidery motifs of Zardozi, Gota work, DankeKa-Kaam, Mukke-ka-Kaam and Aari Tari along with the raw material, tools and techniques used in metal embroidery. Then prepared the design directory…

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