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  • The Pros And Cons Of Textbooks

    expensive, but that shouldn’t be a reason for people to miss an opportunity for a higher education. That being said textbooks are way too expensive for students, and we should stop paying such high prices for them. Today I’ll be talking about the problem with high priced textbooks, how universities should fix the problem, and what you can do to help. Prices of textbooks are reaching an all-time high. According to the College Board, the average student spends 1200-1300 on books and supplies each year. That is an 812% increase from 1978. Textbooks are getting so expensive some students decide not to buy them even though it could jeopardize their grade. David Wiley, Co-Founder…

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  • Student Textbook Analysis

    As college students, textbooks serve one of the most important jobs in understanding the material that the class is covering. However, sometimes students do not use their textbooks and only focus on the lecture to study. Using only the lectures makes the purchase of a textbook seem pointless and the lack of use of a textbook raises questions about the reasons for not using it. In the social problems class offered here at the University of Oklahoma, the textbook used is Social Problems written by…

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  • The Importance Of Textbooks In College

    College students have no reason to buy the textbook by themselves. Because the textbook in college is so expensive that some students cannot afford the fee. Furthermore, most of students spend a lot of time to search the way to buy the cheapest one online. While students finished using it, they can give back to the college.if students and college do so, they will save their money and protect the environment. Consequently, like high-school textbooks, college textbooks should be purchased by the…

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  • E-Textbooks Rhetorical Analysis

    on a computer screen or handheld device,” (“E-book). These are a growing trend in K-12 schools, as well as in colleges and universities, and their value must be assessed. If eBooks are not the best method of providing information to students, then something should be done before it affects each American learner personally. Three pieces of evidence address the aforementioned social issue. The first is an essay written by a doctoral candidate named Darlene Walker called “Current Advantages and…

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  • College Textbooks: A Case Study

    the college, paying for a parking spot, and paying for a seat in a number of classrooms, textbooks still need to be purchased for those classes separately. The cost of college textbooks is approximately $1,000 annually, according to a report prepared by Natsuko Hayashi Nicholls at the University of Michigan. There is enough stress in the lives of college students. The majority of students…

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  • Cost Of Textbooks In Schools Essay

    The cost of books is making numerous college students to find other means of paying for required materials. Students are already stressed about paying their tuition and then cost of books should not be another reason why they need another loan added to their debt. Textbooks have increased significantly over the years until now is getting harder for students to purchase books. The prices of textbooks should be affordable for all students no matter their financial situation. Students cannot…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Digital Textbooks

    Digital Textbooks In an ever changing world, it has become necessary for people of all ages to familiarize themselves with technology. It can feel, at times, as though there is no escaping technology, and life cannot function without it. Yet with the ready access to this technology, schools continue to utilize outdated printed textbooks to teach students.I believe that in order for a student to be successful in their jobs and careers they need to be familiarized with using technology to learn…

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  • Should Textbooks Be Taught In Schools Essay

    in electronic books. With the increasing price of textbooks for school, students could use e-books as an alternative to receiving all the information they need. Most students, however, would prefer to rely on the hardback copy, but why use that when e-books are offered at a much lower price? Studies have argued about the difference in learning that e-books instill in students rather than paper books. Some fear that it may hinder their learning, but others disagree. Students should use e-books…

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  • Argumentative Essay: History Is Part Hope, Part Reality

    history, it becomes apparent that truth exists on an individual level, making it difficult to validate all of history as true. Historians, witnesses, typical citizens and politicians from all walks of life are the makers of history, textbooks and knowledge. As a result of the diversity of distinct human experiences, everyone has their own opinions on what is considered true. Therefor, history is not only influenced by reality due to the impact of perception and emotions, which vary from person…

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  • Theme Of Lies My Teacher Told Me

    In, Lies my Teacher Told Me, by James Loewen, many different important points are made about how the history textbook industry is corrupt, telling lies, or not telling the whole truth to the young readers. This should be very evident to most people, since textbooks spanning from elementary to high school often tell different pieces of information, and sometimes, complete opposite of those pieces of information. For years, history textbooks have been corrupted by the economically elite, and…

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