Buckingham Palace

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  • My Trip To The Buckingham Palace

    was ready to conquer the world, or at least London. I finally arrived across the pond and stepped my feet on the ground at 9 am. I hopped in my rental car and started towards my hotel, because I am ready to sleep. Jet lag had gotten to me. I finally arrived at Hostel 639. I decided to save a lot of money and stay at a mixed dorm instead of a fancy hotel. I walked into my room and see bags set on the three other beds, so I had to claim the top bunk by the window. At that point, a bed is a bed and I am ready to sleep. The next day, I decided to go to the London Eye. That was an incurable experience, although it was quite the touristy destination. It was a great experience, nevertheless. Day four is the day that I went to the Buckingham Palace. I felt obligated to snap a picture of me in front and post it to social media to prove that I was there. I have always had a fascination with the royals, so this was a great experience for me. Day five was probably one of my favorites of the trip. I attended the Whaca Day of the Dead festival at the vaults. This was a crazy experience…

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  • The Importance Of Sacred Space In London

    part of what makes them so sacred, your connection to that spot and what it means to you on a spiritual and emotional level. Throughout history many people have created monuments, palaces, and places of worship that many around the world consider to be sacred; one of these places is Westminster Abbey. Westminster Abbey is in London, England and is since…

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  • The Fall Of The House Of Usher Essay

    They are “sole” companions for “long years- his last and only relative on earth.” They are husband and wife; however, the story never declares this fact. This conclusion is easily derived given Roderick’s “many passionate tears” (Baym, Nina 706) and the Usher family tree. Due to many generations of incest, Madeline wasn’t able to have or carry children. During the earlier years of their relationship, this seemed unimportant. As Roderick aged, the notion of never having children (and as a…

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  • J Adore Dior Ad Analysis

    Golden Ascension A golden-clad Charlize Theron struts assertively through the luxurious palace hall straight toward the viewer in one frame, and strikes a pose facing away from the viewer in the other. “J’adore Dior” accompanies her on the advertisement in an elegant font; moreover, it’s in French — an elegant language in itself. The advertisement’s golden tones, French text, font, bright lighting, and the model’s facial and body language all work together to create an elegant and luxurious…

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  • The Sun King Louis XIV

    He taxed the poor to build it and it is very costly to maintain. Everyone who wanted to see Louis XIV had to go to the palace. If they did not go to see him Louis would disregard them and act as if he did not know them. The Palace at Versailles is still a famous landmark today and was a major meeting point for many nobles. The palace at Versailles illustrates a time when kings and queens had immense wealth and power. Louis XIV epitomized the notion of an absolute monarchy, one that wielded…

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  • A Little Chaos: Madame Dabarra

    A Little Chaos The film A Little Chaos is about a woman named Madame DaBarra who interviews for a job to help construct plans for Versailles. Madame DaBarra makes a living for herself, for she is a widow. Her husband and daughter died in a carriage accident. In the beginning of the movie, Madame Dabarra travels to be interviewed by Master Le Notre. During the interview Le Notre declines her plans and says they have no order. After the meeting Le Notre looks more at Madame DaBarra's plans and…

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  • Fallingwater Vs Crystal House

    Fallingwater and Crystal Palace are two different buildings more than 100 years apart in architecture. These buildings have both made it through history of architecture by two famous architects Frank Lloyd Wright and Joseph Paxton. Their buildings display their sensitiveness to the natural environment. Also, how the compromises of these two buildings were based on their materials. Frank Lloyd Wright, Fallingwater, 1936, concrete, steel and stone, 5,330 square ft . This building is fascinating,…

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  • How Did Louis Xiv Build The Palace Of Versailles

    The Palace of Versailles is a complex that housed the French government, most notably its royalty, during the reigns of Louis XIV (known as the “Sun King” of France), Louis XV and Louis XVI. Built beside the settlement of Versailles, the Palace of Versailles is located about 10 miles (16 kilometers) southwest of Paris. Before the construction of the palace by Louis XIV, the settlement of Versailles was a small hamlet, but when the revolution it had become much bigger with a population of more…

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  • Ineffectiveness Of Parliament Essay

    How effective is Parliament at carrying out its various functions? Parliament’s three main functions are representation, scrutiny and legislation. The effectiveness of representation would be that parliament and the parties within represent their constituents and sections of society and voice their opinions and queries often. The effectiveness of scrutiny in parliament involves the studying of a proposed legislation in detail to ensure that it is in the nation’s interest and that it is in…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Sun King Heliocentric Rule

    problem was that only the nobles were capable of affording the new fashion, and the peasants and serfs retained the old Russian style. This caused a larger divide between the elites and the peasants which lead to further discord and unrest. He also introduced new sectors and new languages that empowered Russia and focused on science. The fact that he was able to radically change Russia is a testament to his power. Not everybody approved of these changes, but no one was capable of challenging…

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