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    Ana Shafer Experience at The Fralin Museum of Charlottesville David Malangi Daymirringu | Michael Krueger Murayana the Yirritja Honey Man | Changing of the Guards 1989 | 2012 Natural ochres on wood, feathers, and resin | Lithograph 1990.7008.029 | 2013.4 My Experience at the Fralin Museum The Fralin Museum of Art in Charlottesville wasn’t like any museum I’ve ever gone too. My experience at the Fralin was subpar when compared to my expectations. In such a modest building the rooms had large open ceilings which made the museum feel superior to what it actually was. The Fralin’s collection was inferior to what I originally thought it was going to be. However, each room that I walked into had a discrete atmosphere that went along with each section of artwork. As I first walk in I was hit with a wide open room that was illuminated with light that made me feel overwhelmed. The light complemented the pieces of art, it exposed the bright colors and shadows that each piece needed. In this room, it displayed only a few pieces. However, the pieces were massive compared to anything else that was displayed in the museum. These pieces seized the whole wall that they were displayed on. After I took a quick look at these artworks (none of these pieces caught my eye to stay more than a minute or two) the room led me to the room beside it. Walking into this room was airless and gloomy compared to the room previously. This room held a significant amount of images than the first room.…

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    Fragments of broken glass from sources like windowpanes, and plate glass doors, have slightly different densities. (Bureau of Forensic Services, 2011) If a burglary has occurred, and glass has fallen onto the floor, and the suspect burglar was near the glass when it shattered, perhaps small fragments of glass can be found ensconced in the suspect clothing, particularly in the lower trouser leg areas or the soles of his shoes. (Bureau of Forensic Services, 2011) When a suspect is apprehended and…

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