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  • Dionyysus Leaning On A Female Figure Analysis

    The most fascinating thing about art is the difference and diversity between works of art. The drastic uniqueness of arts between periods is something that is interesting to look at because one gets to see how much changes can be made due to cultural influences and time. After visiting the Met and seeing the works of art in person, I have chosen the Statute of Dionysus Leaning On A Female Figure and the Standing Buddha Offering Protection to explore in depth. The Standing Buddha Offering Protection is an Indian sculpture made during the late 5th century. It is only 85.5cm tall and it is constructed out of red sandstone. The Statue of Dionysus Leaning On A Female Figure, otherwise known, as the Hope Dionysus is a Roman sculpture made around…

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  • Shaka Triad: Chinese Influence Of Buddhist Art

    Japanese society has been majorly influenced by China throughout history. This is visible in Japan’s religious art, technology, philosophy, and architecture. One of the largest influences of Chinese culture on Japan actually came through Korea. Buddhism was introduced to Japan in 552 by the gift of a Korean king to the Emperor. This gift consisted of a gilded bronze Buddha and sutras written in Chinese. From this gift and the Emperor’s subsequent conversion to Buddhism many changes came from the…

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  • Dhamma Brothers Film Analysis

    detained increasing populations of inmates in this system. The Buddhist…

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  • Shakuhachi Research Paper

    For my encounter I listened to "Shakuhachi: the Music of the Universe”. While at home for spring break, I woke up one morning and listened to the music that this flute type instrument creates, and it gave me a very relaxing mood to start off my day. I have grown up in the mid-West and can say that I look at most of these regions with a western perspective and can say that before this class I thought Buddhism was a little ridiculous. The flute that ultimately creates the music is made of bamboo…

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  • Characteristics Of Tang Architecture

    costumes became the symbol of Chinese-ness; calligraphers like Chu Suiliang, Liu Gongquan or Yan Zhenqing traced their artistic pursuit from Wang Xizhi and set the tone for future calligraphic aesthetics and education. The Tang 's poetry and prose writings relish a significant position in the world literary history, and influenced the art scene in other countries with the Chinese World Order. Nevertheless, one of the key aspects of art -- architecture -- failed to preserve many physical remains.…

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  • Mindfulness Meditation Definition

    Another version of MBIs is the practice of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) which was desined specifically for treating those suffering from borderline personality disorder (BPD). BPD is characterized by unstable emotive and cognitive processes—symptoms that mindfulness training largely targets. DBT is highly effective in treating these clients and “…has been shown to reduce self-mutilation and suicidal behavior in chronically suicidal patients with borderline personality disorder [and]…

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  • Andy Puddicomb Analysis

    According to the Ted talk with Andy Puddicomb, he describes why in our daily life many distractions, anxieties, and the mind wandering condition happens. If we do not address or look after this issue, then it creates anxiety, stress, depression, frustration and sometimes mental illness too. What is mind wandering? It occurs when a person can not focus on the present moment or task. In other words, not being mindful while doing a particular task. An example of mind wandering is, if we are writing…

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  • Being Mindful About Mindfulness Summary

    build stronger support for her claim. By the end of the paragraph, Strauss mentions, “No matter how my son responds to meditation, I’m going to make sure his day affords him enough free time to figure out whatever it is that will bring him feelings of calm or grace. Maybe it’s walking to the corner store with his dad. Maybe it’s sitting on my lap and watching the sky turn to night. Maybe it’s playing with Legos.” (par. 11) She doesn’t realize that meditation isn’t necessarily about sitting still…

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  • Guided Meditation Script

    A guided meditation script is basically a simple concept. Sometimes people find that during meditation they have trouble staying awake or focusing their mind on relaxation. They can't seem to stop their minds from wandering. When people listen to someone reading a guided meditation script, they are more likely to remain focused when they meditate. In ancient times, people would chant when meditating. Today, people use a guided meditation script. These two are different but they are based on the…

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  • Definition Of Mindfulness

    Mindfulness (n.): Awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally. This is the definition according to Jon Kabat-Zinn. This definition, although quite descriptive as to what mindfulness embodies, may not mean a whole lot to someone who has never experienced mindfulness. This is because understanding what mindfulness truly is and then living life in a mindful manner is quite challenging and takes plenty of practice. Throughout my relatively…

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