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  • Biogenesis Scandal

    players who have proven to be linked to using banned-performance enhancing drugs "PED 's." Alex later claimed his case of PED use in an interview on 20/20 that he did use PED 's during his 2001-2003 career with the Texas Rangers. Meanwhile, while this "call-out" was taking place, other players such as Ryan Braun and Nelson Cruz were later served with suspensions as well as hefty fines. Alex called out his primary source to providing these drug enhancements, Tony Bosch. Rodriguez 's case seem to settle down some and geared towards focusing on other players of MLB who may be linked. MLB comissioner Bud Selig, did his homework and called out 11 other players in the PED scandal, all leading to heavy suspensions and fines. Selig, did not stop there though, he ran right back to A-Rod 's case. While other players seemed to have only used in a 6 month to 1 year period, A-Rod used for some years. Selig wanted to make sure A-Rod served a well-defined suspension. Alex was slapped with a 211 game suspension of the 2014 season. Fans as well as MLB seemed to be satisfied with the call, however Alex is still determined to fight his case and take it to Federal Court. As of right now, the biogenesis scandal has been put in the hands of the government. While on hold to access MLB records of PED use from each player of the MLB, the MLB lacks one thing and that is subpoena power. In order to eliminate cheating as well as illegal use, you have to go to the source. The government has filed…

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  • The Benefits Of The Super Bowl

    Every year millions of individuals gather around their television to watch the Super Bowl, an all-out battle of two teams fighting for a trophy and recognition as world champions. The friends, families, co-workers, and any other large groups of people use this connection of football to bond and gain enjoyment out of the event produced by large corporations. While people are using this enjoyment to brighten their mood and have a good time, corporations are profiting large amounts of money at time…

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  • Mt. Dora's Hidden Gem In An Alley

    Ironically, each of us girls decided to get a martini and chose a different flavor. I went with the Key Lime martini. It had graham cracker encrusted around rim of glass, with the smell and sweet creamy taste of key lime pie, still makes my taste buds aroused thinking about it. Each of our martini’s ordered were not only delicious but a beautiful to look at, a crafted master piece. As an appetizer I got the Lobster Bisque soup. The bisque’s coloring of peach-cream, was not too thick nor thin…

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  • Budweiser's 2015 'Lost Dog' Super Bowl Commercial Analysis

    In today’s society we are constantly being pulled and prodded towards new products that are being advertised to say that they will be beneficial to our lives. In the end, they really do not. The truth being we are persuaded though many different channels. Some of the channels that are used can be entirely nonverbal. The artifact that I chose is the Budweiser’s 2015 ‘Lost Dog’ Super Bowl Commercial Found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWeKtqWc2EA. The commercial took us through many…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Puppy Love Budweiser

    behind the Budweiser’s Clydesdale horse and puppy duo. Drinking beer is better with friends. Instead of taking advantage of promoting their product by tying it in with the story, Budweiser chose to create something viewers would remember; Budweiser was effective in appealing to emotions and winning mass attention from the audience by presenting memorable and relatable stories by using ethos and pathos. Aiming to appeal to the audience’s empathy (pathos), “Puppy Love” featured a Labrador…

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  • Advertisement Analysis: The Super Bowl

    Position Paper #1 Millions of people look forward to watching the Super Bowl every year and many enjoy the commercials too. As years pass, the commercials must change with the times, trying to be as funny and appealing to as many as possible. In an effort to be remembered, many companies have created some very controversial commercials which may not be appropriate for younger viewers. As society changes its taste, the commercials must too, but where must we draw the line? There were two…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis: Super Bowl Commercials

    The 50th Annual Super Bowl that aired on Sunday, February 7, 2016, had a great amount of commercials that were created exceptionally well for the audience. Although there were many incredible commercials, one of the commercials stood out to me the most amongst the rest. Many companies use the Super Bowl commercial spots to advertise their products, although, one commercial conveyed a meaningful message regarding domestic violence, from the NO MORE Campaign. NO MORE has been known in the past to…

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  • Women In Super Bowl Advertising

    Since its inception in 1967, the Super Bowl has amassed millions of viewers in the United States and across the globe. Friends and families gather around television screens at homes, in bars and restaurants, and just about anywhere else one can be placed, to watch the big game, the halftime show, and the commercials. Fifty years later, the trend continues, with over 111 million U.S. viewers watching the game live on television in February 2016. (Nielsen, 2016) This number does not include…

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  • Ethical Issue Of Paraplegia Essay

    pools ad lakes and take precautions when playing sports. Spinal cord injuries can be avoided if you take the extra precautions and watch your surroundings, whether in a car or on foot. Special Senses Taste buds are nerve endings that are located on the tongue and the lining of the inside of the mouth, that provide a sense of taste or gustation. Taste buds have receptor cells that stimulate taste. Taste buds are found on the surface of the tongue that are called papillae (VanPutte, 2016). There…

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  • Steroid Era Essay

    testing system with penalties would be enforced. Of the 1,438 players tested, 5-7% were positive (ESPN.com). The results would be kept anonymous, but any further violations would be released to the media. Bud Selig and Major League Baseball seemed to be making the right moves to rid of steroids in the game. While Major League Baseball was dealing with drug testing, the grand jury investigation into BALCO begins. The investigation led to a raid the offices of BALCO in the Bay Area. Federal Agents…

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