The Pros And Cons Of Super Bowl Commercials

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The 50th Annual Super Bowl that aired on Sunday, February 7, 2016, had a great amount of commercials that were created exceptionally well for the audience. Although there were many incredible commercials, one of the commercials stood out to me the most amongst the rest. Many companies use the Super Bowl commercial spots to advertise their products, although, one commercial conveyed a meaningful message regarding domestic violence, from the NO MORE Campaign. NO MORE has been known in the past to provide gut-wrenching yet effective anti-domestic violence advertisements during the Super Bowl Commercials.
In this years commercial, it shows an iPhone text open amongst two friends. One of the friends is sending pictures of her having a great time
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These crucial persuasion approaches are ethical strategies and consist of the terms: logos, ethos, and pathos. Logos, is the logic used to persuade the audience with the usage of “reasoning.” When logos are used, it is mainly to deliver a message with a logical plead. Ethos is defined as ethics used by the presenter to prove credibility to the audience. Advertisements that rely on factual information is believed to show ethos. Pathos, focuses on the empathy of the audience; emotionally moving the viewer’s feelings are the main focus that the presenter is aiming for. The anti-domestic violence commercial develops a strong connection to all three of these …show more content…
While watching the commercial, the audience gets a sense that something is happening in Jess’s life, due to the fact that, she seems to be acting standoffish based on her responses to her concerned friend. While watching it, I automatically felt emotions of sadness and right away the presenters impressively achieved obtaining my empathy for Jess. There was not a great amount of content, it was simply displayed and personally, I felt that it was a bit vague; the abuse taking place was invisible to the audience, which can cause confusion in those not entirely familiar with identifying domestic abuse indications. However, the truth is that to numerous individuals in society, the actions of domestic violence are invisible. As claimed by (, “The most common reasons for not reporting domestic violence to police are that victims view the incident as a personal or private matter, they fear retaliation from their abuser, and they do not believe that police will do anything about the

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