Domestic Violence Persuasive Speech

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Attention Grabber: Did you know that 1 in every 4 women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime? Or that 85% of domestic violence victims are women? Or even the terrifying fact that every 9 seconds a woman is battered? Domestic violence is described as a pattern of controlling behaviors that one partner uses to gain power over the other. This can include threats, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse. Domestic abuse could affect anyone despite age, race, religion, financial status, level of education obtained, or where one resides.

Thesis: Today my goal is to persuade you to help prevent domestic violence by speaking out and also by providing resources to help those who are in danger.

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These adolescents are also more likely to have health problems such as frequent headaches or stomachaches
II. Not only does domestic violence effect your health as a child, but sometimes even more so as an adult. A. Victims of domestic violence face high levels of anxiety, depression, and several other emotional distresses that can lead to suicidal feelings 1. However, it is still proven that domestic violence is still one of the most underreported crimes today for reasons such as: Fear of partner retaliation, embarrassment, or possibly low expectations of help
III. You may recall back in 2009, the Chris Brown and Rihanna scandal where he had brutally assaulted Rihanna unconscious with a black eye, split lip, bloody nose, and several bit marks. A. I found this a prime example of childhood exposure to abuse as Chris Brown had told reporters that he had been raised by domestic violence in the case that his stepfather would beat his mother. He had even quoted that the abuse he had seen growing up was an influence in him of how to treat women. 1. Sources have said that this was not the first time that the abuse had occurred
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It could also be done by referring a person you suspect is being abused to a domestic violence outreach organization C. Because these two strategies could be risky depending on the severity of the situation, one other way to help a victim is to simply let them know you are there for them

Transition: Now that I’ve informed you of what you can do to prevent domestic abuse, I will now tell you just why I feel that it is so crucial that you pledge to do your part in preventing this ongoing issue.

First of all, in my humble opinion, just because domestic abuse doesn’t always leave a woman with a black eye does not mean the issue is anything less of important A. The battery of a woman is a violation of basic human rights that shouldn’t even have to be thought twice about. B. In most every case of battery you will find, the emotional abuse became just as deadly to the woman by cause of feelings of worthlessness

Second of all there is no excuse to why any man should get away with laying hands on his partner or his children. A. I believe that every single woman in this world deserves to feel that they are worthy and that they are capable of anything they set their mind to and should not be told

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