The Giver Argumentative Essay

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“On the playground, or once he started school at Blessed Sacrament with me, I watched out for him, and any bully thinking of messing with him would have to mix it up with me first” (Sotomayor 12).
a. Caring about her family and their needs, Sonia would protect her family members from danger. She cared about her family so much that she would put herself out there to protect them.
b. We all have a sense of responsibly to help out the ones we love
c. Jonas from The Giver must protect his baby brother from harm in his own society at the end of the book by running away with him
d. I babysit a lot. I have to be responsible with the child.

“What I wouldn’t have given to the see the Eiffel Tower one day! But even though Nancy Drew is rich, she
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But in a bind we could always turn to each other first, and given the experience that we alone shared, not much would be need to be said. Family was family” (Sotomayor 165).
A: Sonia went to Princeton and Yale for collage and while she was there, her brother, Juan went to school and studied. They didn’t get to see each other a lot and when they did, it was a nice feeling because they would always have each other’s backs
B: Life is very tough, stressful, and fast pacing. We don’t get to see our loved ones enough because of work or school, but whatever happens we will always help our family out if in trouble.
C: In the book Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld the main character, Lizzy almost dies from a terrorist attack but is saved when she gets pulled into the underworlds. When she comes back into the real world, her mother is there to nurture and help her become normal again. Since Lizzy hasn’t seen her mother in years, she is very grateful for her to be there.
D: I feel this personal because school is very fast and stressful and I never really see my

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