Cause And Effects Of Domestic Violence Essay examples

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Cause and Effects of the issue At this instance society has become desensitized to domestic violence, it has become the cultural norm. To often we hear of domestic violence from news, radio and social media sources. Whether it involves your favorite celebrity such as Ray Rice’s incident in the elevator with his fiancee or your next door neighbor, the occurrence is far too frequent. Because we are inundated with information humanity has become void of emotion on the subject. This societal acceptance of abuse explains why high rates of domestic violence continue to exist around the world. Many cultures condone domestic violence. Data polling performed by The World Values Survey in a four year span revealed just how culturally acceptable it is. The poll revealed that “one third of women worldwide, and one in every 10 in the US believe that domestic violence is sometimes ok” (WVS). This acceptance of domestic violence can be so persuasive that many women allow the abuse. The people closest to the abused will be less likely to offer support if society accepts this a permissible. Consequently, more women will be reluctant to report their abuser. One could argue that society’s demands for action was heard. Due to the escalation and recent domestic violence images of players, society was outraged. The NFL was forced to implement changes regarding personal conduct. These changes, which include counseling for the victim sends a strong message of compassion to domestic…

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