Rosie Batty And 373 Cases Of Domestic Violence

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Today the Queensland police have already dealt with 373 cases of domestic violence (Blumer, 2015). Domestic violence takes many forms, none of which are mutually exclusive. While physical violence may be the most visible, contrary to many beliefs it is not the most frequent or detrimental. Domestic violence can take form as sexual, emotional, social, spiritual and economic abuse (DVRCV, 2013). Domestic violence can take part in any relationship, and although 37% of women who suffered physical assault said the perpetrator was a current or previous male partner, this leaves a grave amount who suffer physical assault from mothers, fathers, siblings, aunts, uncles or any other significant trusted figure (DVPC, 2016).

The agents of conflict involved
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For those who haven’t, Luke was an eleven-year-old school-boy who killed by his own father at cricket practice one afternoon. His grief stuck mother has now gone onto develop a campaign against family violence. In addition, she was recently named Australian of the Year in 2015. Today, Rosie Batty and her campaign ‘Never Alone’ inspires us to make sure every woman, man and child at risk is never alone. Rosie Batty is a true example of using non-violent social change to promote peace. She could just have easily chosen to result to anger and violence, and have taken it out on the police that failed to protect her and her son on that treacherous day, but she has chosen to take the highroad. Rosie has used her experience to find non-violent ways to promote peace. By starting a foundation to help those suffering from domestic violence, she has channelled her hurt and frustration to a great cause so that what happened to her son, doesn’t happen to any other child, woman or …show more content…
And just like Rosie Batty we can make a change to prevent domestic violence, though non-violent social changes. As individuals there are a number of things we can do to try and prevent domestic violence in our families and friends. Firstly, know the signs and indicators of domestic violence. Signs can vary and don’t always come with physical symptoms because domestic violence isn’t just limited to physical attacks. Domestic violence can include many forms of abusive behaviours enacted to control the victim ranging from emotional and verbal abuse to economic and social abuse (Nonell, 2013). Secondly. It is not easy for us as individuals to take on a global issue. But that does not mean there is nothing we can do. As you may have heard me say earlier on ‘Domestic violence doesn’t just start. It grows. So we need to stop it at the start. And the start, that is with the children of today. These children are reliant on our beliefs and actions, and 90% of the time we are not excellent role models. Our actions act as a framework for theirs, our attitudes as a basis for theirs and our words as the truth. Simple phrases that until now would have been thought as nothing more than a simple joke or fair excuse. The commonly known and used phrase ‘He did it because he likes you’ can be interpreted in many different ways which all don’t demonstrate respectful

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