The Importance Of Ethical Standards In Domestic Violence

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Identify Ethical Dilemma
106, 882 represents the number of domestic violence crimes that were reported to the Florida law enforcement in 2014. This number is large, and unfortunately, it does not compare to the underestimated reality, that 22 – 55% of women face on a day to day basis in their own home (Florida 's Domestic Violence Statistics, 2014). The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (2015) defines domestic violence as “physical assault, sexual assault, and or abusive behavior as part of a systematic pattern and control perpetrated by one intimate partner against another.” Not only is domestic violence a criminal offense but it is a social problem that exist within our society. In this paper, I will discuss the ethical issues
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Ethical standards are guides to professional practices and they should be used with discretion. Within this case study, multiple values and ethical standards applied in order to practice most effectively.
The conflicting ethical standards that I identified in dealing with this client’s situation were self – determination and a client who lacks decision – making capacity. Persons with disabilities are the most vulnerable to abuse and neglect in our society than those who do not have a disability (Plummer & Findley, 2012). This client has a mild cognitive impairment which impacts her ability to make decisions that are in her best interest. As a person who is vulnerable, domestic violence is often times about power and not anger, it is another individual’s desire for control over their spouse. The client’s right to autonomy is challenged because she is choosing to move back into the home with her husband who is abusing her. However, due to the social worker’s experience in this field, the conflict is her knowledge of the cycle of domestic abuse. The client is putting herself at risk if she leaves the shelter but as a professional, she cannot tell a client what to do. The client’s actions now pose a potential threat to herself and the social worker has the right to
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It’s difficult because in this field, our personal values are often times replaced with professional values. First and foremost, I am committed to working with a client. This means I value uniqueness especially in others’ ways of thinking. Regardless of opposing views, I commit myself to helping a client through tough situations. Secondly, I also value my personal happiness, therefore, I would manage my personal values in social work by simply talking to another colleague about them. I don’t have to go into detail, but a conversation about values to enlighten the situation can help to bring an awareness to the topic of domestic violence. In order to manage my personal values, I need to explore them. I need to figure out for myself why I believe so strongly in the values I have. I want to feel good about my efforts and I want to feel as though I am helping this client resolve their situation. Once I find it in myself to temporarily set aside my personal values and biases, I can help this client because I’m developing the integrity and trust. I feel as though without this step I may become stagnated in my efforts to help. In order to help I must listen not simply hear my client. As a human she has the right to self – determination, especially with a situation that involves

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