Alex Rodriguez's Biogenesis Scandal

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1. Sources: - This source from New York Post shows the timeline leading up to Alex 's biogenesis scandal. - This source leads up to government becoming involved with Bosch; the leader of biogenesis.
2. Background and Details Alex Rodriguez was called out among other MLB players who have proven to be linked to using banned-performance enhancing drugs "PED 's." Alex later claimed his case of PED use in an interview on 20/20 that he did use PED 's during his 2001-2003 career with the Texas Rangers. Meanwhile, while this "call-out" was taking place, other players such as Ryan Braun and Nelson Cruz were later served with suspensions as well as hefty fines. Alex called out his primary source to providing these drug enhancements, Tony Bosch. Rodriguez 's case seem to settle down some and geared towards focusing on other players of MLB who may be linked. MLB comissioner Bud Selig, did his homework and called out 11 other players
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While on hold to access MLB records of PED use from each player of the MLB, the MLB lacks one thing and that is subpoena power. In order to eliminate cheating as well as illegal use, you have to go to the source. The government has filed charges to the prime suspect Tony Bosch and the clinic where he distrubited the PED 's. MLB in the proces of the scandal has sued Bosch 's clinic for distribution. It will be determined how long Tony will serve in the near future. The court hearing has already taken place but no other determinations have been gathered. The government has taken action and shows plans of making a statement for MLB players as well as upcoming that PED 's are illegal and will not be tolerated. MLB did drop a civil lawsuit against Bosch after he agreed to cooperate with

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