Why Do Pro Athletes Use Steroids

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“30% of college and pro athletes use steroids” says one study by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Many people think steroid use is wrong, but there are many reasons why pro athletes should be allowed to use steroids, including the fact that most Performance Enhancing Drugs are legal, Its their bodies so it should be their choice and risk, and every athlete has great pressure on them to win.
Most people caught using PEDs are using completely legal ones. Most likely athletes will use HCG or others that are legal in the US(Katz,2008). The only reason PEDs are bad is because the NCAA committee , and commissioners of pro sports are making rules that make them look bad. However not only are PEDs legal, some of them are everyday medicines. Take
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The answer is probably not, if they're trying to make the game fun to watch such as basebal one of the slowest sports in existence, why stop them. Pro athletes have the same rights as we do, so why put them to a standard where they can't do this or they can't do that(Perez,n.d) Also Athletes on steroids can make the game way more exciting and fast. Which as a sports fan that's everything they should want in a sport. It would make the game more exciting by more points being scored, bigger hits, and lots more home runs. Think about how cool it would be to have a perfect score in a home run derby, or having someone hit 100 home runs in season. Think about how awesome and exciting that steroids could make the sport(Katz,2008).
Athletes that are expected to have great seasons have great pressure on them to win. By using steroids it would make all the players more relaxed and make everyone of them more confident. This is good not only for there self of steam, but also for the audience. Almost all the time if the fans are happy the team is happy(Perez,n.d). However another reason is if a player gets a bad reputation they either have to retire or get better. Another way to get better is to use steroids. Which plenty of people with bad reputations have decided to do, some without getting
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Some of these people might say that steroids can kill the users. Well that is true it is only when someone highly overdoses on them. Which won't happen if there are certain doctors available to do the job(Perez,n.d) Just look at Barry Bonds he is one of the best players known to man but he just happened to be on steroids. Did he die of overdose?, No he did not overdose because he probably hired someone to get the right amount for him. Kevin Williams won the defensive player of the year. However they had him take a random drug test and he failed it. The voters for the defensive player of the year took a recount. At the end of the recount someone changed there mind, in favor for Williams. The voter said” how could I not vote for him after I voted for julius peppers in 07”(daugherty,2010). Which proves the fact that athletes on steroids can still win awards and be successful.
By allowing pro athletes to use steroids, there will be more exciting and high scoring games, athletes will be more confident, and audiences would be amazed. By supporting the use of steroids by athletes, it could make a baseball game become a contest to who the first person to hit the 110 mph fastball. Let the athletes grow stronger and better, to put amazement in the spectator's

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